Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sweet Melody + One Crazy Adventure

Happy Thursday friends! Oh, how I love Thursdays!

Just wanted to share two things with you today. First, this sweet tune by Nashville newcomers The Band Perry called "If I Die Young." I have literally had this song in my head on repeat for days. It's so bad I consider listening to other music just to get it out of my head! But then I think, hmm, this is a pretty good song to have in my head after all... :)

I love the lyrics-- melancholy as they are, they speak of contentment with one's life and are surprisingly encouraging-- and I love the sibling trio's voices harmonizing together. The music video, below for your viewing pleasure, is gorgeous, too. Plus, isn't the lead singer Kimberly so cute? I want her hair!

Second, one of my Facebook friends posted a link that I simply couldn't not share with you. Get this, a Texas family consisting of 2 parents and 3 kids are going to pile into 1 van for 12 months for a "Year Long Adventure" through 48 states! How incredible, huh?

After dreaming of visiting far off places across this great nation some day, the Dad decided a few months ago that some day could be today, right now! And mom was on board! The fam is going to be documenting their travels over at their new blog, Year Long Adventure. Right now all that is up is a fun Q&A-style FAQs post but the first leg of their trip starts tomorrow so I'll definitely be checking back in to see what this crazy bunch is up to. (You should too!)

I seriously admire their willingness to drop everything, pack up and pursue their dreams. I know much planning had to have gone into this big adventure but I see it as ... brave. Yeah, courageous. Because so many times in life we want to chase our passions but we don't because of fear of the unknown, fear of change. It's easy to come up with an excuse not to, you know? And I think there might be some people who disagree with this family taking their kids out of school for a cross-country road trip but I agree with the parents-- it will be the educational experience of a lifetime!

So, let's dream big for a second. If you could go anywhere, do anything, tomorrow, where would you go and what would you do?

My answer is easy: I'd catch a flight to New York City, bask in the bright city lights, rub elbows with natives in Times Square, visit the MoMA and go to the top of the Empire State Building to get a bird's eye view of the bustling metropolis below. And do everything on this list! (Yes, I'm ambitious.) Oh, and don't forget grabbing a vanilla cupcake at Magnolia Bakery and hopping on a Sex and the City bus tour! Yep, I'm that touristy!

Your turn. Go!

P.S. Ok, one more thing! Another one of my friends shared this quote on Facebook today and I "liked" it. Both literally and as in the button.

"There is only one cause of unhappiness: the false beliefs you have in your head, beliefs so widespread, so commonly held, that it never occurs to you to question them."

Who knew FB could be so thought provoking?


Shoshanah said...

I'd love to move of two Europe for a year, or even just a month or two. Especially if I could wind up in a villa in the country

alli/hooray said...

I love dreaming about where to travel. If I could go anywhere right now, I'd say Europe! Although New York would be lots of fun too :)

Carissa said...

after New York, I'd most definitely go to Europe! See Paris, London... and Denmark! hehe, that's the Dane in me talking.

kirstyb said...

thanks for sharing x

Heather Taylor said...

I would move overseas for several years and hop from city to city, like some sort of glamorous drifter :)

bethany said...

Love that quote. :)

Hmm...anywhere? Oh my. I think I'd go to Italy. Or can I say "Europe" as a whole? I'll cheat and do that. :)

Although, you're onto something with New York...

Ashley said...

Hey woman. Where would I go? France. It's been a life long pursuit. I'll make it there some day!

Carissa said...

so everyone wants to go to Europe? Let's go together! haha.

and yes, Ashley, we will make it there some day! wherever it is we want to go! don't stop, believin'... :)

David Clay said...


I just saw this post today when I saw that one of your readers found our blog through you. Thanks for the mention. We have seen 32 states through our first two trips, and are about to head out on Leg 3 of our Year Long Adventure.


David Clay