Monday, March 7, 2011

Lush looks

Have you seen the March catalog for Anthropologie? The photography is as gorgeous as usual. I never expect anything less. But I am in love with the feeling of the images too. They have me dreaming of warm, lazy summer days, preferably in a tropical locale. They have me wishing for sunlight streaming through windows, using the light only to curl up in a chair with a good book. They have me wanting to throw on a breezy colorful dress that is perhaps too dressy but completely perfect for taking a stroll through a garden. Oh, and they have me wanting to dive into this impossibly cheerful ruffled bedspread. Sounds nice, doesn't it? :)

Well, if you haven't checked out the catalog yet, take a peek at these beauties, my favorite lush looks:

Wishing you sunshine, no matter what the weather outside or how hard the wind blows...

P.S. I got a 15 percent off discount card in the mail from Anthro, a little birthday present from them to me. So if I am really good, perhaps one of these lush looks will be mine. Which one would you choose? (If money wasn't an object, of course.)


Phoenix said...

I love Anthropologie so much. ::happy sigh::

I always side with more masculine clothes (because they are usually more comfy) so I'd suggest the white button down shirt and cute shorts pairing in the last pic!

When you go shopping, you have to take pictures and show us what you bought!! (so we can live vicariously through you!)

Mo Pie, Please said...

Oh, Anthro. You get me every time, what with your perfect styling and your beautiful, exotic locations. Not to mention the array of incredible candles, dishes, bedding, towels, books, oh my, I should stop.

Okay, seriously. If I were you and could buy one of these divine looks, I'd be tempted to get the dress she's wearing in front of the ferns...the gray and white number. LOVE! Especially with that red necklace!

christine donee said...

It's almost a bit unfair how they pull me in with their brilliant photos. I can't help but want it all!


Heather Taylor said...

Anthro is gorgeous, always. Whomever they have as a photographer is an absolute genius.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Antrhro never disappoints us! so dreamy~
I used to work with the Anthro buyer team~ very creative group I must say!


Helen said...

Haven't seen these until now! Soooo beautiful as always! xoxo

Maris (In Good Taste) said...

Impossible to chose-all so beautiful!