Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New fave... Ghost Whisperer

Last week I discovered my new favorite show: "Ghost Whisperer."

I know, I know. The series finale was last year. Better late than never?

Here's what happened: It was, I want to say a Thursday night, and I was up late-- which is nothing new-- flipping through the channels-- also nothing new-- when I stumbled upon "Ghost Whisperer" on WE TV (Side note: I love "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera"!) "Hey!" I thought. "This is new!." So I watched. All it took was one episode and I was hooked. (The fact that they keep running marathons helped the addiction along, of course.)

First, I was captivated by the complete and utter gorgeousness that is Jennifer Love Hewitt. You'd have to watch to get the full effect but her hair looks absolutely perfect in every scene. I am totally envious of her waves. Anyway, Miss Love-ly (sorry, couldn't help myself!) plays Melinda Gordon, an antiques shop owner in a small town and she, oh yeah, just so happens to be able to see and talk to dead people. Or, as her grandma called them, "earthbound spirits" who have unfinished business with the living that is preventing them from "crossing over" into the light.

Second, I was entranced by the hotness and hunkiness of David Conrad, who plays Melinda's unbelievably charming, romantic and supportive hubby, Jim Clancy. Unbelievable as this perhaps too-good-to-be-true character may be, I'd totally play the damsel in distress to his prince and fall into those strong, toned and tanned arms. Just sayin'. Oh, and he has pretty nice hair, too!

Third, of the five or six episodes I have recorded and watched so far (most from Season 1), none have disappointed. They all suck me in and keep me clicking fast forward through the commercials to see what happens next. There's funny moments, cute moments and enough semi-spooky moments to keep things interesting. I will say though that "Ghost Whisperer" is most assuredly a "chick show." Which is not to say a guy wouldn't want to watch it (he likely would for other reasons, see: Jennifer Love Hewitt) but at the end of every episode I get a little choked up when the ghost imparts its final message, finds closure and crosses over.

I know. I'm such a sap! But I love it. I'm thinking I may have to go out and buy the series on DVD.

So, have you seen the show? First run or in late-night marathons like me? And have you discovered a new favorite show? I'd love to hear!

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P.P.S. While we're on the topic of Jennifer Love Hewitt, what did you think of her dress at the Golden Globes? I wasn't the biggest fan, though she did look romantic, soft and ethereal. Her hair and makeup on the other hand were perfection. Some things never change!

Top image via "Ghost Whisperer" facebook
Other images via the show's official website


bethany said...

I LOOOOOVE me some Jennifer Love! She always looks fetching. And I love her MORE because of all the junk she was through with the icky tabloids who smack-talked her body. The woman is gorgeous, and I'm glad she didn't let the jerks of the world get her down.

Now I might just get addicted to this....

Shoshanah said...

This is definitely the type of show I know I'd probably love, yet I never let myself watch, so I wouldn't addicted.

And I love We Tv too! I'd watch it all the time,except we don't get it. This only means whenever I'm back at my parents' I try to spend as much time as possible watching!

gloria said...

i really love this movie/series becoz its so good