Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mailbox pretties

Happy almost-Valentine's Day, my loves! Sorry I have been so MIA... I have been busy busy busy, as usual. But I just had to share with you these cute Valentines I made for The Stationary Place's first-ever handmade Valentine swap!

I met Lyndsey at Dionne's SoCal Blogger's Bee on New Year's Day, which I never posted about-- sorry! It was amazing of course. Nothing less with Dionne as the organizer. (I mean, just check out this Chocolat-themed Valentine's party she threw. I am in awe. Who wouldn't want to be invited to that party?) Maybe one of these days soon I will post about the incredible goodie bags us SoCal bloggers received... so many wonderful artists represented in that bag!

Anyway, like I was saying, I met Lyndsey at the meetup and soon after discovered her blog, dedicated to all things paper. When she announced she was having a handmade Valentine swap, I couldn't resist joining in the fun! Here's a closer look at my creations:

Now, I can't take all the credit for these adorable greetings. I used a kit from my favorite stationary store, Paper Source. Still, I made them my own by adding a few extra hearts here and there and on the interior. And of course the message inside was all my own. I hope the ladies who received them loved them as much as I enjoyed making them!

So, did you send any Valentine's this year? Don't you miss those grade school days when you would bring Valentine's and chocolates for the whole class and drop a little sweetness in each of your friends' pouches? At least, that's what we did at my school...

Hope you are having a sweet, love-filled weekend!



Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I forgot to tell you I received your package the other day and LOVED IT! Such a nice pick-me-up :)

Those valentines are so cute. I sent out valentines last year and it was really fun :)

rachel said...

I wish I had sent out valentines this year... maybe next time! Hope you have a wonderful, sweet day :)

Phoenix said...

These are adorable! I totally didn't send out any Valentine's this year (I suck) but maybe next year I'll have the time and sanity to participate in the Valentine's Swap!

Lindsey said...

Sososososo cute! I'm so glad you posted these, I would have loved to get one in my own mailbox. Check mine out over on my place. Lovin' your blog, girly.