Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The right hands

A heart is a funny thing.

It can be so strong
for the people it loves
and yet those are the very ones
who can break it so easily.

when held in the right hands,
a heart can be so full
and so light
all at the same time.

So while 
it may not be smart
to keep giving away my heart
so freely,
I will keep on giving
until the day that it finds
the right hands.

penned Feb. 2, 2011
felt again Feb. 12
still feeling today

Image via we heart it

1 comment:

bethany said...

Your sentiments are so spot on. It's easy to want to close ourselves off...because let's face it: love hurts. And as you said, it is often those who we love that hurt us the deepest. But if change who we love out of fear...well, then we're not very true to ourselves are we? :)

Gorgeous words, lady. :)