Monday, October 31, 2011

Hazel feeling festive!

This past Saturday I celebrated Halloween with friends at a house party. I dressed as a sexy Coastie (aka, member of the Coast Guard!). Pictures to follow... But today, on actual Halloween, I dressed up for the office lunch party in what I'm calling a bad-ass cheetah costume (It was a last-minute get-up-- just grabbed an animal printed dress out of my closet. And then another reporter came in with the same idea. Twinsies!). I didn't feel like going home and changing before doing the blotter, which means right now I'm sitting in the police station lobby... in kitty cat makeup! Full on whiskers, baby. LOL. What can you do what duty calls?

What are you doing to celebrate Halloween? Or did you go to a spooktacular party this past weekend? And did you dress up for work today? :)

Super late update (as in two weeks after Halloween!) but here's a few photos!
Me and my bestie. Marielle was an adorable penguin (she was obsessed with all things penguin as a kid). Her "costume" is actually a dress from Hot Topic! She let me do her makeup for the night. :)

Me and "Lt. Dangle"-- you know, from Reno 911! He sure knew how to work those booty shorts and 'stache! 

This is me at my office party, with my former editor, Kyle-- who came to work dressed up as my new editor, Scott! LOL.

Work friends. Karma, on the right, always has the most kick-ass costumes!


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Happy Halloween!! I didn't dress up this year and I'm feeling a bit bummed about it :(

Dionne said...

Teehee, so cute!

I didn't dress up this year. Last year I did a Halloween wedding, so that Halloweened me out for years to come, LOL.

Are you in SoCal over the Christmas Holidays?