Sunday, October 16, 2011

Waves Weekend

Saturday felt like going home.

Home to college, that is!

This weekend, my alma mater, Pepperdine, held its second annual Waves Weekend. Though current students are more than welcome to take part, the event is a way to get alumni to come back to campus for a little reunion and a lot of fun. Since I only live about 45 minutes away from Malibu, it was a great excuse to visit and reunite with some old friends.

I was especially glad to see one of my best friends, and sorority sisters, Kapua! She actually works on campus and she doesn't live too far away from me, but our busy schedules make it hard to connect. (But she just moved much closer to me last week, yippee! So I'll definitely be seeing more of her more often!)

We've got spirit, yes we do! Orange and blue are Pepperdine's colors. Kapua bought that hat, which is obviously too big for her, for her boyfriend. He's not an alum, but he has Wave pride whether he likes it or not!

I graduated in the spring of 2007. In some ways it feels like forever ago, and in other ways it seems like just yesterday. But walking around campus, I become acutely aware of how much has changed. New additions to the plaza, a renovated HAWC (basically Pepperdine's student union) that now serves hot food... I guess I'm glad to know my tuition, which I'm still paying in the form of loans, is going to good use! I just wish the campus would have been this nice (it's always been beautiful) when I still went there! Isn't that the way life goes...

Joslyn Plaza

The Theme Tower

I didn't attend the first Waves Weekend. But I can say without a doubt that this year's was better by far! This year, Malibu-born songstress Colbie Callait headlined the concert in Alumni Park. (Last year the park played host to Dwight Yoakam. Now, I like country music, but... no. I have no desire to see Dwight Yoakam!)

I absolutely adore Colbie. Her music just puts me in a happy mood. And she is wonderful in concert-- even better than the CD, I'd say! I have her first album, "Coco," but now I'm wanting to go pick up her latest, "All of You," and maybe even her second, "Breakthrough." Here's a few shots from the show, the ones that didn't turn out super blurry :)

The first song Colbie sang when she stepped on stage is my favorite: "Realize"

Me and Kapua taking a break from singing and dancing for a photo opp

Not pictured in these photos are some of my other lovely Alpha Phi sisters. I was so happy to bump into several of them-- Kelly, Sandra, Shenaya, Brittany-- and catch up before watching the concert.

Afterward, Kapua, her boyfriend and I decided to get some grub at Kabuki in Woodland Hills. I had never been but it was delicious. I got a light appetizer-- mixed tempura! Not so "light"-- and a lychee martini.

Oh, and I learned two things. One, that I actually really enjoy edamame. And two, this is the expression you get when you ask me to "do" Samantha from "Sex and the City." :)

Hope you had a fabulous weekend, too! Tell me, if you went to college, where did you go? And do you often revisit your alma mater?


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Shoshanah said...

I've been back to my college once, and that was the year after I graduated. I'd love to be able to go back more often except it's hard since I live in Louisiana, my college is in Maryland, and my parents are in California. But eventually I do plan on making it back for a reunion!