Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome Twenty.Ten.

Happy New Year folks! The first day of the new year is almost over but I'm already loving 2010, even if most of the day was spent watching football. I hope you all had fun ringing in the new decade last night!

Though I had planned on a low-key evening in with a bottle of wine and onion dip, that plan went out the window. It all started once the work day ended around 3 p.m., after making sure the paper was put to bed without any problems so that my out-of-town editor could rest easy. I then met up with the boy and the roommate at a local mall for a late lunch at the Lazy Dog Cafe.

(Side note: The restaurant opened up just a few months ago and our first experience there left us less than impressed, but we had a much better experience this second time around. This time we expected the too-diverse-for-its-own-good menu and had a far easier time ordering. I got a grilled chicken breast drizzled with walnut pesto that was served with a side of pita bread and sun-dried tomato hummus. Yum.)

After lunch, we stopped by Paper Source so that the boys could pick up some thank-you cards and of course I couldn't exit the store without buying some adorable stationary, too. (Yes, I have a problem, but it is a lovely problem, don't you think?) (I'd show you what I bought, except they are not on the website! But trust me, they're adorable.)

We then went home for a few hours before coming back to the mall to see a movie: "Up In the Air." It took about 20 minutes or so for me to get into the film (and the boy's popcorn, darn it), but after that I enjoyed it. It was funny and George Clooney is cute (to state the obvious). I'm not sure if I was completely thrilled by the ending-- like an indie flick, the characters and their problems weren't tied up in a pretty bow at the end-- but I'd recommend it for sure.

However, I would not recommend it if you just got fired. Unfortunately for the boy, he was fired yesterday. Yep, on New Year's Eve. Can you believe that? He wasn't that shocked, though. It has sort of been coming for awhile (new management, clash of personalities, he could seemingly never do anything good enough to please the higher-ups and his lazy employees didn't help matters, etc. etc.) but none of us knew when we sat down for the movie that George Clooney's character fires people for a living. Luckily, the boy didn't take it to heart and was able to laugh at the movie anyway.

Ok, sorry for the semi-depressing tangent. Back to NYE. So after the movie, we decided to forgo staying at home to ring in the new year with Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark and instead opted to go to a friend's home. Yeah, I know, still not that exciting, but it ended up being a good time. The boys watched the uber-cheesy 1993 film "Last Action Hero" with the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, on TV while playing (most of them anyway) Power Hour-- a drinking "game" that requires you to take a shot of beer every minute for an hour, aka drink about seven beers in an hour. Us girls on the other hand played Bananagrams, which we made, not so surprisingly, into a drinking game. If you've never heard of Bananagrams, it's pretty awesome. Like fast-paced Scrabble. If you like games, get it. You won't be disappointed.

With about 20 seconds left of the New York City ball drop, we put the games on pause to ring in the new year and give a smooch. And then it was back to the games, except this time we all got together to play loaded questions. Hilarity (and vulgarity) ensued.

All in all, not a bad way to end 2009 (the boy getting fired excluded).

Though, I'm still craving some onion dip.

Your turn: How did you welcome the new year?

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{lovely little things} said...

Happy New Year!

Shoshanah said...

I tried a power hour back in college, and didn't get anywhere near to finishing it. I think you girls made the smart decision by not even attempting it. Glad to hear you wound up having a great New Years, at least overall

tiffany zajas said...

I too absolutely love buying new stationery!

We spent NYE bowling and then playing games at a friend's house. Pretty low-key, but we loved it.

Happy New Year to you and your boy! :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Happy 2010 doll!!!