Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We've got a winner!

Oh, my! What a long day. Woke up early, worked worked worked, and just got home from a planning commission meeting about a half hour ago at 9:30! And I still have a story to finish and facts to check...

But first, the time has finally come to announce my giveaway winner! I know you guys have been waiting all. day. long. just wondering who it is, right? I sure have!

I did the drawing the old fashioned way-- I wrote each name on a slip of paper, folded them up and put them in a hat, er, plastic sorority cup. Same difference. The boy did the picking.

And the winner is...

Drum roll please...

(Remember Tracy? I recently met her at my first blogger meet up!)

Congrats, Tracy! You will be receiving a lovely calendar, cute jotter and pretty bracelet! Lucky girl!

And because I couldn't just pick one name, I decided to have a runner up. I know, color me generous.

Let's pick again.

Drum roll please... (you know you love it)

(Fun fact: Amber was my very first commenter! Yay!)

Amber, you will be receiving a special little surprise in the mail. Hint: it's from photographer Gabrielle Kai. If you liked the calendar, you'll love what I'm sending you!

Congrats again to the winners! Send me an email (carissanicole {at} with your address so I can send off your prizes post-haste!

And thanks to everyone for playing along and celebrating my one-year blogiversary. I was so glad to see some new commenters join in on the fun-- I love discovering new blogs! (If I haven't popped over to say hello yet, I will be soon.)

Good night,


bethany said...

I'm so very, very belated in offering my congrats on your one-year blogging anniversary! :) So happy to have met you in blogland and love the blissful moments I can slip away to your words and world! :)

Your giveaway looked ADORABLE, and I'm so kicking myself for missing it! :)

Cheers to you, you fantastic blogger!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

EEEEEI! YOU ARE AWESOME. I never win ANYTHING and I have entered SO MANY blog giveaways.

Oh Carissa I'm SO EXCITED. Thanks, love!!! I can't wait for my surprise :D

Darcy said...

Yeah Tracy and Amber!!!!

Katy Mary said...

Giveaways are oh so fun!! I'm a new follower & I gave you an award on my blog yesterday!

Dionne said...

Yay, congrats to the winners! What a cool stash!

Phoenix said...

YAY! Thank you SO MUCH, Carissa! I'm super excited about all the cool stuff and I'm so grateful that we got to meet just a few weeks ago :) I feel twice blessed!

Andy Tan said...

Aww, i wish I found your blog sooner, so then I'd have the chance to win those fab prizes! But I'm staying cos I'm so loving your blog! Keep it up dear!