Saturday, April 24, 2010

An afternoon on Third Street

Happy weekend, everyone! I hope you are having a sunny, lovely day. Though this past week was a bit rainy and gloomy, the last two days have been your typically beautiful Southern California days. So it was a perfect time to go to Santa Monica yesterday for a stroll down Third Street.

Though I had only meant to window shop-- isn't that the way it always starts?-- I ended up coming out of the two-story Forever 21 with an armful of clothes. My excuse? I had $25 on a "store credit" card that has been sitting in my wallet for months. What better time to use it, right?

Don't worry, I didn't completely lose myself in the aisles and aisles of cute, affordable tops. I walked away with a blue, scalloped-trimmed blouse, a flowy, peach dress and two casual tanks. After the cashier swiped my $25 card I only had to fork over $37. Not bad, don't you think? More importantly, what do you think of my selections?

I saw this dress on a mannequin and scoured the store till I found it-- all the way on a rack in the back. And I just loved that blue tank, it made me LOL: It says "Camp Crazy Bear."

I wore this royal blue, v-neck blouse today over a white cami. My mom gave it two thumbs up.

After a bit more window shopping and a lot of walking, we (the boy and I, that is) decided to get some grub at CPK. Pizza is one of his favorite foods (oh my goodness, we eat it at least once a week around here; so not good for the waistline!) but I also had a $50 gift card that his parents' got me for my birthday, so again, another fiscally sound choice. (Hehe. Yes, I'm cheesy today.) Being the creatures of habit that we are, we got what we always get: the Pepperoni Supremo Napoleon-style pizza (read: super thin crust) and a fields green salad, gorgonzola on the side (he likes it, I don't). It is the perfect thing to share between two people. We had three slices left over, even, but the boy ended up giving it to a homeless man who was sleeping in an alley way. He needed it more than we did.

After our late late lunch/early dinner, we headed back to the main strip to stop at one of my favorite places on Third Street: Cafe Crepe. Now, I know from looking at other people's food that they undoubtedly have delicious sandwiches on crusty baguettes, fresh salads and even yummy looking nachos, but I get just one thing when I go there: a Nutella and banana crepe. It is like heaven on a plate, I swear! I paired it with a hazelnut latte that was so good I had to pace myself so as not to drink it all before the crepe arrived. The boy, on the other hand, got a vanilla milkshake; he's not much of a coffee drinker. It was a sweet finish to a nice afternoon taking in the sunshine and feeling the breezy, off-the-beach air.

If you're ever in Santa Monica, I'd definitely recommend a trip to Third Street. And once there, I would urge you to get a crepe at this cafe. You won't regret it!

While walking back down Third Street for the second time-- Cafe Crepe is all the way on the other end from where we parked and where CPK is, so we got our exercise in!-- we once more took in the sights and sounds of Santa Monica. People watching is a popular pastime on Third Street. There are so many interesting folks just out and about-- and lots of little doggies, too-- and every few steps there is a street performer entertaining the crowd, usually through music or dance. I snapped a photo of this guy, John West, as he strummed his guitar and sang a cheerful tune. From what I heard just passing by, he is really good; think happy music that puts a spring in your step. Just right for an oceanside town. I was trying to think who I'd compare him too... Jason Mraz, maybe? And I love his drummer-- his hair was swinging and bouncing around to the beat!

So tell me, what have you been up to this weekend? And what are your plans for tomorrow? I'm going to be meeting up with a couple of my awesome blogging buddies again for coffee and girl talk-- can't wait!


Andhari said...

Your weekend sounds super lovely! Especially on banana nutella crepes and Forever 21. Love the accessories there!!:)

Shoshanah said...

Don't you love it when you have have random gift cards to places you actually enjoy. Overall it sounds like a perfect day to me. I love CPK. I used to always get their Peking Duck pizza, until it got taken on the menu

Erin said...

Just had to tell you that you look absolutely gorgeous in that blue blouse! Perfect for a lovely sunny California day...
Hope you had fun with the blogging friends this weekend!
Erin xo

Katy Mary said...

Looks like a perfect day out and that crepe sounds delicious. I love all your fab new F21 clothes, very cute!

Heather Taylor said...

I LOVE Third Street and I will definitely have to go to Cafe Crepe soon!

{lovely little things} said...

I love 3rd street!

Phoenix said...

I adore Third Street Promenade! I used to go there all the time :) Do you ever check out their farmer's market?

And it was lovely seeing you yesterday! :)