Friday, April 9, 2010

Bright lights, Sin City

Vegas, baby, here I come!

So, I'm taking a semi-impromptu trip to Las Vegas this weekend. I say "semi-impromptu" because although I knew about this trip three weeks ago, I didn't decide until, oh, today that I was actually going to go.

(See, things have been very tight financially since the boy lost his job, and the idea of blowing hundreds of dollars in "Sin City" didn't sit well with me. But you know what? I already missed out on the Vegas trip my friends took the weekend before my birthday-- total bummer-- and I don't want to be sitting around this weekend wishing I had gone. So there it is. I'm going.)

I'm very excited not just because I haven't been to Vegas in forever-- I've only been once since I turned 21 and it wasn't exactly a great trip, but that's another story-- but because I will be going with my long lost college roommate, Jamila. (We still call each other "roomie" even to this day!) We lived together sophomore year, put together in the spring semester after things with our other roommates didn't work out, and we have loved each other ever since!

I still remember the day I first met her. I was so nervous because I didn't know what to expect. All I had was a name from the housing office and I wasn't even quite sure how to say it! And in walks the cutest Trinidadian girl (raised in Nor Cal near Berkeley, known by many as a land of liberals and hippies; not to say that's a bad thing!) with braids in her hair and a closet full of colorful clothes. On the surface, we may seem totally different. She is vibrant and outgoing. I'm shy and soft spoken. But we just clicked. We'd stay up nights talking about boys and family and life in general as we each lay in bed. She convinced me that it is okay to wear big, dangly earrings even when your hair is up-- actually, it's better! And I know that even though I haven't seen her in ages (she's been working in Afghanistan and is just back in the states for a vaycay), we will fall right back into our friendship, like we hadn't missed a beat. Fun times ahead!

Circa Christmas 2005. Gosh, I was so much skinnier back then!

Her friend Ashley, who I haven't met, is coming, too. Us gals will be staying at the Luxor (that pyramid hotel below) for two nights and then coming back Sunday afternoon. While they say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, I'll be sure to fill you in (save any embarrassing stories or photos!) when I get back.

Till then, I hope you have wonderful weekends, too! If you're willing to share, I'd love to hear some of your Vegas stories. Spill in the comments! (I promise not to judge!)

Oh, and I really hope I get to see the "Welcome" sign this time! For some reason, in the three or four times I've been to or through Vegas, I've never actually seen it. How do I miss it? I want a picture of me standing in front!

Also on the to-do list: Take more pics with Jamila! (Which won't be hard to do.) It was so difficult to find a shot of us together (I could only find ones from that Christmas part)! What, did I not use my camera back then? I'm so snappy happy now :)



Vegas images via we heart it, here, here and here.


Erin said...

Have fun Carissa. I hope you'll tell us all about your trip when you get back, and not be all "What happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas!" ;~)

Ha! Seriously. Have a wonderful weekend. You deserve it!

Dionne said...

Fun times! Woo hoo for Vegas! Don't get too crazy, lol.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I'm SO GLAD you decided to go! It sounds like it will be a much-needed trip for you! Have SO MUCH FUN! Can't wait for your recap :)

Katy Mary said...

Have fun!!!! everyone deserves a little getaway now and then, I hope you have a blast!

Heather Taylor said...

Have fun in Vegas!!! I haven't been yet but over Spring Break a group of people from my school went and had serious drama. Two of them got married to each other, drunkenly of course, in the chapel there and it was hilarious because the guy is our student body president and the girl is my dorm RA. She called her dad while she was drunk and they annulled the marriage on, when else?, April 1st. Funny story, but definitely makes me think twice about going with any guy friends!

Shoshanah said...

I'm guessing the reason you didn't use your camera pack then is because it probably wasn't digital? It's crazy to think we had to pay to get every picture we took developed only a few years ago. Now you can take 20 shots of the same pictures just to get it perfect for free.

And have fun in Vegas! I remember going all the time growing up, but I've only been once since turning 21. Hope you guys have a blast

Andhari said...

I heard best way to hit Vegas is with your favorite girl friends :D I have to do it someday!

Phoenix said...

Have fun!! Make sure to take lots and lots of pictures :)