Saturday, December 25, 2010

Deck the Halls ~ Merry Christmas!

I just spent the whole day wrapping presents and listening to Christmas carols.

After a couple hours, the novelty of that wore off fast. Ha!

But really, no exaggerations, when I wasn't out helping my dad shop for my mom-- it's our very last-minute tradition-- I was at home, sitting uncomfortably on the floor, surrounded by rolls of paper, swirls of ribbon and a bevy of bows.

The Christmas music did make it better though. I love Christmas music. And singing along to Christmas music. Especially the classics sang by music legends. Like Nat King Cole. Bing Crosby. Frank Sinatra. Eartha Kitt. You know the ones. They all kept me company while I folded and taped.

Despite all the hours and effort, I'm excited for when my family will tear into all my hard work tomorrow morning. Only in a few hours really. It's already after midnight here... I hope they like their gifts!

Before I head to bed and listen for reindeer hoofs "up on the rooftop"-- see, still got those carols in my head-- I thought I'd show you what my house looks like at Christmastime. Like I mentioned in my last post, we didn't have a tree until about a week ago. Why? Well, because we recently got new, hardwood floors! Bye, bye carpet! You can sneak a peek in the photo above, and see a sliver of our new furniture, too.

Anyway, let the mini-house tour, well, living room tour, begin:

Every year my mom turns our staircase into candy cane land. I love it.

These bells were my mom's mom's. That would be my grandma. I never met her, unfortunately, but I hear wonderful things all the time. These bells are very special. And they hold our mistletoe. Kiss, kiss!

I have claimed the task of setting up the nativity set every year. See, this bit of Christmas decor is very special to me. My grandma, my dad's mom, hand-painted each piece. I am totally biased, but it is the most beautiful nativity I've ever seen.

I always set up the little animals differently. I can never remember what I did the last year. This time, the cow is peeking in from the side of the manager. But the stars of the scene never change-- and I always put in baby Jesus last.

Our fireplace-- that my dad designed-- gets dressed up, too. My mom hangs garland from the mantel and sets up all those little stuffed animals on the hearth; they're from her work (Starbucks!).

Oh, Christmas Tree! Sparkling at night. It's the real thing. We like the pine smell.

Reflecting in the mirror... Don't you love my snowman? I made that in elementary school. We had to bring in one of our socks for his cap! I remember being very upset back then that there wasn't one more black pom-pom for his mouth. I had to put a brown one in the middle. Even then I was a perfectionist-- and enjoyed symmetry.  :)

Did you "deck the halls" at your home this year? What are your Christmas decorating traditions? Whatever you do, I hope it is wonderful. Because guess what? It's here! :) Merry Christmas, my loves. I hope your day is full of joy and laughter with friends and family. Because no matter what is under the tree, it is the people in our lives who are our true gifts.



Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Love all your decorations! Hope you had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!

Phoenix said...

Love it! I feel like I got to share your holiday with you, just a little bit. Can't wait to see you on Saturday, darlin'! I hope you had a very merry Christmas!

ola appletea said...

great decorations!!! love it!