Friday, August 21, 2009

All dolled up and nowhere to go

Starting Tuesday, I am officially on vacation. A paid vacation. That's a first for this working girl. And not-so-surprisingly, my "boss," my editor that is, practically had to force me to take one. See, I have this feeling that the paper might die without me. Which is not the case. But my editor might die without me. Ha! That might be a little true, but I'm sure he'll manage. (Plus, I have to write three stories before I go...)

All that being said, I have a bit of a problem: I don't know what I am going to do while on said vacation! Oh, how I would love to jet set off to some tropical island and sip lava flows poolside. Oh, how I would love to immerse myself in the buzzing energy of New York City, to which I have never been in all my 24 years. But alas, my finances don't quite allow for either of these fantasy vay-cays to become a reality for me next week. Heck, my bank account doesn't allow for me to do much more than sit at home and read a book next week! But as someone who works from home, staying home on my vacation is really not an option. Well, it's a sad option at best.

That's where you come in. I need your best ideas of what I should do next week. I've got six days, a limited budget and no time to plan. But I need your help or else all I will be able to blog about next week is me doing . . . nothing.

Thanks in advance! And happy weekend!

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Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

CAMPING! Take the boy, a tent, and hazel and head off into the woods for a night or two! OR to the beach? Soak up the last few weeks of summer lounging on the beach reading your book rather than reading it at home. OR scrounge together some of your funds for a spa day? Or even just a pedicure! OR take a day trip somewhere with the boy, or maybe an overnight trip to the beach or big city!!

Hope you enjoy your vacation! Sounds like you need one!! XO

rachel said...

Hmm... my suggestion would be to take a train and explore somewhere you've never been, even if it's just a small nearby town! And treat yourself to lots of sweets. A vacation's not a vacation without dessert :)

Shoshanah said...

Only because I've been wanting to go so badly I'd say go to Disneyland! Not really good for cutting down on finances though!

Although, I'm going to be back in California with the boy in December and I keep thinking of all the fun touristy things I want to do with him when he's there. Somethings I did when I was little, or some touristy things I've never done. Some of my ideas so far are
La Brea Tar Pitts
Long Beach Aquarium
Griffith Observatory
Knotts Berry Farm

Also, somewhere fun I remember going when I was in girl scouts was the Museum of Miniatures. I don't remember where it was (except that it was in LA, not too descriptive).

Or maybe you could drive up to a vineyard for a night or the weekend?

mina said...

Be a tourist in your own city! My fiancé and I have been doing that because we're about to leave the city we grew up in and we've been having a great time. I just found your blog - very cute!

You Are My Fave said...

I hope you just kick back and eat ice cream. That's vacation enough.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Hmmm...I vote for mini spa day, sleeping in, movies, pool if one is around, catching up with friends, golden spoon and starbucks. sleeping in sleeping in sleeping in...

Sometimes doing nothing is THE BEST!

Anonymous said...

you definitely need to get out and do something even if it's just for one day or night and it has to be something spontaneous and new. those types of experiences will stay with you forever.

Kristin said...

Nutella is so clutch. Love love love it!

trishiekoh said...

I would: sit in the sun, read a book in the park, go for a walk, take a bus to nowhere, start a craft project, look at art, visit an outdoor market, get a manicure, or even do the whole facial spa treatment...oh! there're soooooooooo many things you could do, have lotsa fun!