Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ticket to Ride

On Thursday night, me and the boy and the new roomie got our butts off the couch and to the 134th annual Ventura County Fair. I hadn't been in yearsnot since I covered the fair as a news intern for the Ventura County Star (now my "competition"). The fairgrounds are right by the beach so there was a heavy marine layer over all the rides and food vendors. But we didn't let the foggy weather put a damper on our spirits. 

First, we satisfied our grumbling belliesit was dinner time after allwith some classic fair food. Brook got a giant turkey leg while the boy and I picked up some delicious and snappy dogs from Pink's, the famous Hollywood hot dog stand that sets up shop at the fair each year.

We then hit up the Midway, where the guys and I played games that are impossible to win but, for some reason, impossible not to play. You know you are wasting your money, but you do it gladly because, heck, it's the fair! The boy is not a big fan of topsy-turvy rides because of his weak stomach, but we watched from the sidelines as Brook spun round and round on Techno Power. The roomie and I then went on a similarly dizzying ride called Magnumwhere I almost lost my necklace! They told me to tuck it into my shirt, which I did, but on the first flip it flew off and I caught it, no joke, with my mouth as my hands were busy holding on for dear life. (My necklace and I survived the ride but later, for some mysterious reason, my necklace started to fall apart. But that's a different story...)

I then convinced the boy to go on the Ferris Wheel. Looking one way, we could see the bright and flashing lights of the fairgrounds below. Looking the other way, we could just barely make out the white tops of waves crashing on the beach.

Before calling it a night, we just had to get something sweet. At first I wanted funnel cake, a fair staple because of its fried goodness. But I couldn't decide which flavor to get (apple? strawberry? cinnamon and sugar? banana creme? They all sounded divine!) and ended up taking my cue from Brook by getting a huge waffle cone filled with gelato. Mint chocolate chip and Oreo cookies and cream, if you're wondering.

Here's some pics of our evening at the fair:

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Tell me, when's the last time you went to the fair?

2009 Fair poster via Ventura County Fair


Shoshanah said...

I went to a state fair last year, and I think it was the first time I'd been to once since the LA County fair when I was little. I do love all the pictures you took of the lights. Although, I probably would have gone with the funnel cakes! I love all the different flavors they had, normally you just see powdered sugar and strawberry. I think out of the flavors you listed I would probably go with cinnamon and sugar.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Fun fun!
I went to the OC fair a few weeks ago and it was much food and beer haha. Amazing people watching too!

I love your pictures!! I'm glad you had fun!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Looks SOOOO fun! I love the fair and haven't been in ages!!

Andhari said...

I loooove funnel cake, i cant wait to go to carnivals too and get it, or fried snickers / marsbars. yum!

Amanda K said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Your doggie looks so cute! What kind of breed is she? I have a shih tzu pup.