Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer brilliance

I just read the most genius idea. (Perhaps some of you have already heard about it and I'm late to the party, but I'm going to share anyway.)

Spanx has a swimwear line! How amazing is that? The brand we girls turn to for ultra-secret slimming has taken their technology to the swimming pool. And beach. I, for one, am buoyed by the news. I absolutely despise swimsuit shopping (which is why I typically just order cute tankinis from Victoria's Secret and try them on in the comfort of my own bedroom). And I loathe putting on a swimsuit even more. But Spanx swimwear just might ease the pain.

Now, these are no Vickie's swimsuits. But Spanx offers some pretty, classic options to choose from (as well as a variety of bottoms with varying degrees of tummy-tucking capabilities). And there are even bikinis! (Not that I will be wearing one. And not that I understand how Spanx can slim the parts you want trimmed with two itty bitty pieces of fabric, but whatever.)

Here are a few of my favorites. Which do you like best?

Convertible Tankini Top (love the body-flattering ruching) and Triangle Tankini Top (love the ruffles!)

One-Shoulder One Piece (so glamorous!) and Structured One Piece (great graphic design!)

Convertible One Piece (straps can be tied two ways) and Deep-V One Piece (va va voom!)

Now I know not even the best silhouette-shaping suit can replace a little sweat time at the gym-- which I must admit, I've been slacking on-- but I think these swim styles will at least ensure that I get beach bound and poolside this summer.

And in my opinion, the added confidence provided by the belly-flattening fabric might just be worth the steep price tag.

Thoughts? And anyone know of any other slimming swim lines that do what they say? Summer is just around the corner... so do share your secrets!


Helen said...

I heard about these! I think they look very stylish indeed... but I wonder if they're comfy, or if they're too constricting? Hmm..

Mariel Torres said...

i am definitely loving the Structured One Piece... GORGEOUS!

bethany said...

Great minds think alike! I've been oogling these for the past few weeks...especially the red Deep-V One Piece. Meeeow!

My biggest fear would be that it would be SO constricting or that it would slim my body out, therefore making my cottage cheese thighs exponentially more noticeable. Eek!

But, I can't help but want to try them on! :)