Friday, November 12, 2010


Yes, I am breaking my silence to post about makeup. I can't help it. As a Sephora "beauty insider," I occasionally get emails that tempt me to whip out my wallet and then practice great restraint when I put it back in my purse, and today's email touting "6 spectacular palettes" was no exception.

I saw this Tarte palette at the top of the lineup and the makeup obsessed girly-girl in me just about died. Just see for yourself.

Called "The Jewelry Box," this limited-edition Tarte palette is packed with 32 new eyeshadows, eight lip glosses, a mineral bronzer, a new shimmering powder, five deluxe long-wearing eyeliners and-- get this-- a detachable necklace.

An impressive beauty stash AND a layered, golden necklace perfect for holiday parties?! Be still my heart.

I want. I need. Ok, I don't need, but I want. 'Nuff said.

This is instantly going on my Christmas list.

Anyone else spied some seriously fantastic beauty finds lately? I'd love to hear. And please tell me someone else's heart flutters at the sight of this palette.

Oh, and happy Friday! :)


fawn said...

Yes! That is gorgeous. I've also been eying the Urban Decay neutrals palette. :)

Helen said...

I LOVE TARTE!! I actually almost interned there, since I know some of the marketing people there. Love their products! :)

Helen said...

Haha, come visit NYC and we'll go on a blogger trip to the chocolate room!!

Sarah said...

Yes dear, my heart fluttered at the sight of that palette. It's gorgeous! I love the colors.

You should really get it for the Christmas holiday. ;) x