Monday, April 25, 2011

Adore Adele

About a week ago, I was strolling Barnes & Noble. On the store's radio was none other than the uber-talented Adele. They were playing her whole new CD, song after song. Each track I fell more in love.

I only recently discovered Adele. I had heard her songs on the radio, and I'm sure you have too-- the powerful "Rolling In The Deep" in particular-- but I didn't know who the singer was behind them. But once I found out, I wanted to hear more.

So back to Barnes & Noble. After hearing her voice while perusing the magazine racks I quickly made a beeline for the music section. There I found her first and second albums- titled 19 and 21, respectively. I hardly ever buy CDs anymore-- the last one I purchased was Kaleidoscope Heart, from my other musical girl crush Sara Bareilles, and I only bought that to get early access to concert tickets. No matter, I picked up both of Adele's CDs. I had to have them immediately.

Since then I have been listening to 21 on repeat. I can't get enough. I'm a little obsessed but I'm OK with that. Her voice is simply amazing. No tricks, no gimmicks, just pure artistry and emotion. I love that. My favorite song by far is "Turning Tables." (Though "Someone Like You" comes in at a very close second.) Adele's voice is beautiful but the piano is, too. Man, I wish I could play. Still, I love to sing it and I'm sure my family heard me belting it out from my room this weekend. Oh, Adele-- you make me happy.

If you haven't heard the British songstress yet, I encourage you to take a listen. You may just fall in love too. May I suggest this wonderful live version of "Turning Tables" as your introduction?

Or this rendition of "Someone Like You" at the 2011 BRIT Awards? (Side note: I am loving her makeup here. So pretty!)

Do you adore Adele too? Have you found a new artist that you just can't get enough of? I'd love to hear!

Album cover via Adele's official website


Dionne said...

I LOVE her too! I first heard of her at the Grammy's last year when she won best new artist. Awesome singer, I love her retro vibe.

Googlover/keishua said...

I have heard such great things about her new album, too. I am going to have to pic it up.

Helen said...

Adele is amazing - so soulful and absolutely changing the entire industry! She's setting a high benchmark for talent alright.

Also, I just read your post on Jeremy, and it was tragic, even more so, absolutely moving. I read your old posts too, and I'm so glad you felt safe sharing your thoughts with us. You are a little sister that Jeremy would most certainly be proud of! He's probably looking down at you like a dove & marveling how his little teenage sister has turned into such a strong woman!

Much love xoxo,

Anonymous said...

Oh I absolutely adore Adele!