Friday, April 8, 2011

Crazy Little Things

Of all the seasons, spring is my favorite. The warmer weather, cool breezes, chirping birds and blooming buds-- what's not to love, right? And it is just about this time of year when you can dig into your closet and pull out all those cute sundresses you stashed away during the chilly winter months.

It's also about this time that I start thinking about getting myself some new sundresses to fill my already overstuffed closet.

What can I say? I love dresses. And online shopping. It's an addiction. Moving on...

This all leads me to Threadsence. A few weeks ago they released their new Spring Lookbook (Vol. 2) titled "Crazy Little Things." Well, it sure made me crazy. Crazy in love. With about every single item, on every single page. Flipping through the virtual catalog, all I could think was, "Threadsence, why oh why are you doing this to me?" as I simultaneously imagined my bank account slowly (or quickly) draining. Ha! I'd already bought myself a few new things for spring so I felt a tad guilty lusting after more. Never satisfied, I am!

Well, somewhere the fashion gods are smiling on me. Somewhere, someone in the universe wants to fuel my online shopping and quest for the perfect-go-anywhere dress. Yes, I am a lucky girl because this week I found out that I won a $75 gift card to-- where else?-- Threadsence!

I entered a giveaway on Aimee's beautiful fashion blog, Song of Style, promptly forgot all about it because who really thinks they are going to win those things, and then, out of 285 people, I was randomly chosen!

That was most certainly the best email I got on Tuesday!

So, now the difficult task comes of choosing what to get with my prize. This is where you come in! I've collected a few of my fave pieces from the spring lookbook for your browsing pleasure. Tell me which ones you like best! 

I'm looking forward to reading your picks! And I'd also love to hear, what's your favorite thing about spring?

Happy weekend!



Heather Taylor said...

Ooh, go for the tunic. The tunic! I love the cool breezes spring provides, plus the scent of honeysuckle in the air is always welcome with me.

Phoenix said...

K, I'm gonna vote for either the tunic or the floral cutout dress, because both of those you can layer under and over stuff for when it gets warmer or cooler, and they're both super cute!

You'll have to tell us what you end up getting!

Helen said...

whoa, congrats on the giveaway win! I never think about them after I enter, because I've never won one myself either! (Which is kind of ironic, because I'm currently hosting one on my blog now - check it out, $100 from shopbop!)

I really love the crochet tunic, the sunshine burst tunic, and the necklace. Let me know what you choose! So exciting :)