Friday, February 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I'm finally posting pictures of my new apartment! It took me awhile, but I couldn't not deliver since I told ya'll I would post some. I just had to get it looking somewhat respectable before I could take the photos, you know?

So here goes. I'll start with the prettiest pictures first:

A view from our balcony. We are on the top floor, the second floor. The sky looks so amazing in this shot. And the palm trees are very California.

The view looking the other way. Can you see the cross on the top of the hill? It has been there for as long as I can remember, and I have lived in Simi for 20 years.

Our cozy living room. It's not much, but it's homey. And the couch is comfy! That's Hazel's new favorite spot. She is sitting behind me chewing a bone as I type this... Oh, and as you can see, we have a lot of blankets!

Another shot of the living room. I love those photos on the wall. The bf was not such a fan, which is why this is the first time they've been hung up, but I think they add a little something to the room. You can't tell, but they're nature shots taken by American photographer Eliot Porter and I got the prints during a visit to the Getty.

Our tiny kitchen. A bit cramped, but it gets the job done. We hung the colorful painting to liven up the space and have something to look at while doing the dishes!

The boudoir. Not sure I can call it that, but I will anyway.

My closet. I bought the picture from a sidewalk-artist in Venice. I think it's nice in the morning to open up my practically-bursting closet and get dressed seeing the beach.

See. I told you. It's overflowing with stuff! (It took awhile to organize, as you can imagine.) I can't believe I filled that whole closet. RR has to use the one in the spare room! 

Me. Posing in the "boudoir."

So there you have it. It may not be an HGTV Dream Home, but it's ours and I like it. For now, it's home. Hopefully, we won't move again for awhile (at least a year, please!). Hazel loves her new home too, especially when we go for walks. See how happy she is:

Have a great weekend everyone! Me and the bf are going to the LACMA to see Vanity Fair Portraits before it closes. So excited!


♥ Tiffany ♥ said...

love your place!!!!

Amber said...

You're super cute and I love your place. I'm especially jealous that you just took those pictures and it's beautiful and sunny out. No fair!

That's really funny you took up the whole closet! I take up about 3/4 of our closet and 6 out of 8 drawers in the dresser! Haha.

insomniaclolita said...

Looooooooooooove your place!!:)

Shoshanah said...

We just moved into an aparment, and ours is no where near the point of yours. I really like the living room. It makes me realize I need to hang/obtain pictures to hang up. And I absolutely love your bed.
I easily filled my closest too. Luckily our bedroom has two closets so the boy gets a closest to himself. His is only half full though... hmmm... I wonder if he's notice if I used part of it