Thursday, February 5, 2009

My $4 fetish

So RR called me a whore today.  A magazine whore, that is. And it's true. I literally can't go into a grocery store without leaving with at least one glossy in hand. 

Tonight, on a quick run to Vons to get milk, I walked away with two: Self and Los Angeles magazines. Even though I am a journalist and in the biz, I am still such a sucker for the cover teasers and I will pretty much buy any mag if it has a celeb on the cover that I adore. As with the February issue of Los Angeles, which has my girl crush Kate Winslet gracing the cover. I very rarely buy LA mag and I don't even know what else this issue has to offer (looking into it as I type) but I took one look at Kate's windswept hair and moody gaze and just had to pick it up. 

Self was more a purchase of habit than anything, particularly since I don't often put into practice the health tips the book dispenses. RR just turned on the Lakers-Celtics game, so I think I will dive into the article on cover girl Jenna Fischer.

Hey, at least I am reading, right? (Nevermind that I haven't picked Eat, Pray, Love up off my nightstand in a week; really need to get back to that.)

I figure, after the week I've had, I deserve to indulge my magazine fetish. And if that makes me a whore, so be it!

Images via Los Angeles and Self


Amber said...

I hear ya. I'm a magazine whore too. Self, Glamour and Runners World are some of the regular ones that I buy. I should really just get some subscriptions, I heard that saves you money... Haha.

insomniaclolita said...

I feel you, I'm into fashion magazines myself.