Monday, March 23, 2009

Light & Whimsy

I came across this beautiful collection of photos from Alicia Bock the other day on Etsy. Looking at them simply makes me happy. They evoke a soft sweetness and whimsical nature that I adore, and I think my still semi-bare apartment walls would agree. Here's a sampling:

I am particularly in love with her use of birds and flowers and I think that typewriter print would look great in the office of a writer, ahem, me.

If I were to buy a print, or you were to buy one, which would you choose? Check out Alicia's shop here and her website here to see all of her amazing artwork.

P.S. Her prints are super affordable!


Sara Christine said...

I was scrolling through choosing my favorites and what did I pick? The typewriter and the telephone poles. Perhaps we are soul sisters?? :)

ps. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is lovely. xo

Amber said...

I LOVE photographs of flowers, so the last one and the one of the white flowers are my favourites! I find photography to be so beautiful, I have more photography hanging around my house as art than paintings!

Re: Your comment on my post about the sweet & sour chicken. I actually just found a recipe online. It was SUPER easy. All it used was vinegar, brown sugar, ketchup and cornstarch. You make it on the stove. Then I fried the chicken until it was cooked and mixed the sweet and sour onto it! It wasn't quite the same as sweet and sour sauce from a chinese restaurant but it still turned out really good :-)

Jamie said...

I love her photos!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Saw your comment on Smitten and thought I'd stop by. I always enjoy your comments on Vitamin G. Just wanted to say hi! Cute blog! xo, Sarah (Vitamin G,

Anonymous said...

P.S. Oops! I thought you were the Glamour user "cmm" (who comments a lot on Vitamin G)--looks like you are "cNm"! Anyway, lovely blog! :)