Friday, March 20, 2009

Unleashing my inner gamer

I covet a Nintendo DS.

I don't know when this happened. When they first hit the market at the end of 2004 I didn't have any desire to run out and get one. I mean, c'mon, I was an evolved college freshman at the time; my days of gaming had passed. I will admit though, I loved me some Nintendo time as a child. We had a Nintendo, then a SEGA, then a Nintendo 64 and on and on... With a younger brother, I had the benefit of playing on the new systems and new games that he got each year for his birthday or Christmas. 

But once I got to high school and all my guy friends (including my ex) could focus on was video games, I was pretty much over it. Except for the occasional round of Super Smash Bros. I kick some serious melee-ass on that game. (Funny story: I beat my former video-game-obsessed roommate at Super Smash Bros. one time and he was in a stake of shock that I, a girl and non-gamer, kicked his butt. He wanted a rematch and guess what? I won again. Haha, don't mess!).

Anyway, it is safe to say I am not a serious gamer. I would almost always rather read a magazine or watch a Lifetime movie. But sometime between seeing my bff get a cute pink DS, watching RR's 6-year-old niece play Holly Hobbie on her purple DS and reading this week about Jamie's Nintendo DS party (where her friends took home free DS's! Jealous!), I now covet my own DS! (I also heard about how fabulous the Chicago-loft party was from Jenn and Tiffany.)

This funny new commercial with Lisa Kudrow have also sparked my interest.

(That is so how I would be: impatient!)

If I could have my very own handheld gaming device, I would choose the pink DS. Yes, I'm a girly girl! I'm the type to always pick the girl character when playing a video game, too. Gotta represent!

Or maybe I would get the super pretty blue console offered in the soon-to-be released, third iteration of DS: the DSi. I didn't get what the difference is between this DS and the last one (DS Lite-- a smaller version of the original), but I just read a press release on the Nintendo site and it says DSi has an interactive digital camera, voice recorder/music player and an application to purchase downloadable games. It is a little pricier than the older version of course, at $169.99, but hey, who can argue with the latest, greatest thing? DSi comes out in the U.S. April 5.

The first games I would get would have to be...

I have an undying love for this game--and all things related to Mario, or Yoshi!

How cool would it be to have my own personal cooking instructor leading me through dinner step by step?

A classic. One of my fave's when I had my Game Boy. Would play for hours on road trips.

I would also have to have Super Mario 64, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and, to sharpen my mind, Brain Age.

Even though I don't have $150 (or more) to spend on something frivolous like a video game, I still want your opinion. Any of you out there have a DS? Is it all it's cracked up to be? And what games would you suggest, on the off chance I get one? My birthday is just around the corner after all. Not that I am dropping a hint for my boyfriend of anything :)

Kitty playing DS via TechEBlog
Game Images via Nintendo


insomniaclolita said...

DS is cute, and fun to play. But I certainly not among those people who are totally in love with it. I'm more into magazines and TV myself.

Amber said...

Haha, I haven't been into video games for a long time. I do, however, still LOVE playing the old nintendo system since that's what I grew up playing as a kid! My boyfriend spends several hours a week playing his Xbox and when he's doing that I can usually be found on the computer, reading a book or watching a DVD. Haha. I think if you want it and think you will use it you should TOTALLY drop hints!

PS: I LOVE mariokart!

Jamie said...

The one I was sent is black but had an adorable pink rhinestone heart on it. I'm in love my DS!