Sunday, June 14, 2009

things that made me smile this week...

This was kind of a tough week for me, but here’s some things that made me smile despite my being in a bum mood:

1. Talking to my parents on the phone, particularly my dad. We don’t do that often but it is nice when we do. (He was officially laid off June 5 and, as you can imagine, he was a bit upset about getting the boot, even though he knew it was coming, so I wanted to check in on him.)

2. The postman delivering my adorable terrarium. It brings a bit of nature inside my apartment.

3. Bumping into old friends at the grocery store. They are getting married in July and I am going to the wedding, but I haven’t actually seen them in a while. Our communication is usually via facebook or MySpace, sad to say. So talking face-to-face was good! (Below is one of their engagement photos, shot by Mary Hawblitzel. Sweet, huh?)

4. Right after that encounter, I went to TGI Fridays and visited with my bestie (who works as a bartender there), her mom (who just happened to also be visiting when I walked in) and my old roomie (who is also a bartender! I never get a short pour, that’s for sure).

5. Sleeping in on Saturday.

6. Having a late lunch with the boy at Jerry’s Deli where I just couldn’t resist ordering the fried zucchini and, despite being stuffed from my turkey on rye, picking up a black and white cookie on the way out. All around, delicious! (That's the Encino location we went to, below.)

7. Getting a rust-colored leather wallet/clutch from Fossil. The boy bought it for me while we “window shopped” at Universal Studios City Walk. (We also picked up a bunch of candy at this store called IT’SUGAR. We’re so bad!)

8. Wearing one of my new necklaces (the tear drop necklace from oh, hello friend) and getting complimented by a perfect stranger.

9. Banana ice cream. My fave.

10. The sun coming back out on Sunday after a June-gloomy week.

So what little things made you smile this week?

Encino deli via Jerry's Famous Deli
Fossil Talita flap clutch via Polyvore
Candy shop photos via IT'SUGAR


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Sorry to hear your week was kind of a bummer! Hopefully it picks up this week!!

Banana ice cream, huh? I'm intrigued...

Andhari said...

ooooh Ben&Jerry, it always makes a week better. I hope your week will be better after this Sunday. But it seems like you had an interesting weekend, I love late lunches.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I'm glad you had a fun weekend love! Yay for bumping into old friends and YAYYAYY for bartending friends haha.

Cute Fossil wallet too...

The sunshine on Sunday made me happy. I have not been having the best time. BUT things always get better, and if not, there's Ben and Jerry.


bethany said...

That Fossil clutch is so, so fantastic...I love it!

I am smiling because I only have to work two more days before my 11 (ELEVEN!!) days off. Seriously. I could not be smiling any wider :)

Hope this week brings you more smiles!

Maris said...

Such a good list! Seeing elderly people holding hands is always adorable. Walking into a coffee shop or bakery to the smell of fresh bread or baked goods. Sunshine after about 27282 straight rainy days. Summer vacations!

naturally nina said...

yay! it's great to visit your blog, and see you "i'm nice" sign. i have one too! huzzah!

You Are My Fave said...

I love that rust colored wallet. Good purchase.