Sunday, June 21, 2009

things that made me smile this week...

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Father's Day with their pops! Here's a few things that made me smile this week:

1. Adorable and adoptable kittens.

2. The “draw your dad” section in my newspaper this week.

How cute are these?

And Go Lakers!

3. Rediscovering my navy eyeliner in the bottom of my makeup bag.

4. A fun night out dancing with old friends and even making some new ones.

5. Two delicious egg breakfasts this week: Homemade sun-dried tomatoes and chives scramble with a side of toast and nectarines on Saturday morning (pictured below) and a Canadian bacon Eggs Benedict with potatoes on Sunday at Cheesecake Factory (sorry, no pic! But trust me, it was fabulous).

This is the breakfast I made for myself Saturday morning. I looove sun-dried tomatoes! Totally jazzes up boring scrambled eggs.

6. Family time: Father’s Day brunch with my parents followed by an afternoon of playing cards and eating a steak dinner at the boy’s parents’ house. Is there a better way to spend a Sunday?

7. Picking out the perfect gift to give the boy’s niece for her 7th birthday. Polly Pocket, heck yes! (Although, the Polly I remember actually came in a pocket-sized compact… the girl has grown a good three inches since I was a kid!)

8. Hazel falling asleep in my arms on the 30-minute ride home from the boy’s parents' house.

9. Catching up on some TV shows waiting to be watched in the DVR queue: The Bachelorette and True Blood.

Jillian toasts the remaining guys on last Monday's episode.

Sookie Stackhouse and vampire Bill Compton in Season 1 of HBO's True Blood.

10. An image that speaks an eternal truth:

So what little things made you smile this week?

Kittens image shot by photographer Jann Hendry (my photo editor!)
More dad drawings can be seen here
The Bachelorette image via ABC
True Blood image via HBO via
Coffee & Books image via littlemiss


Ashley said...

Ooh, navy eyeliner. I've been rocking the purple eyeliner lately.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Omg LOVE that picture of the coffee cup and the book! So so true!

Shoshanah said...

I used to love Polly Pockets! It makes me a little sad how different they are noww.

And breakfast at the cheesecake factory? I might have to check that out

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Aw, what a great list! I love those portraits :)

Dionne said...

The little drawgins by the kidlets are so endearing! And your breakfast looks AWESOME!!! It's 2pm, but I feel like your Sundried Tomato Scramble - it looks divine!!!

Oooh, and that reminds me - I need to catch up on the Bachelor, I missed the last two!

THings that made me smile this week:

- my 19-year-old brother with Downs Syndrome is visiting for a month, and we talk him out kayaking, it was his first time ever. Seeing the excitement on his face made me not only smile, but bubble over with joy!

- delicious spring rolls from a great local Vietnamese restaurant.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Aww kitties! So did you end up watching the Bachelorette last night?! I don't want to ruin it if you did...

I'm terrified of all those things about NYC, but thats part of the thrill. I think. Definitely not going without a job. I don't think I would enjoy being homeless :)

You are the SWEETEST! XO

bethany said...

This reminds me that I need to catch up on the Bachelorette!