Thursday, November 12, 2009

just a quick note...

Sorry I have been MIA this week, on posting and commenting. It's been a crazy few days with work (and I didn't have yesterday off, boo! There really are no holidays in journalism. The news doesn't stop!). Unfortunately-- or fortunately, it depends on my mood-- writing for the paper comes before writing for the blog.

But it's Thursday, which means I'm almost done, so I'll be back soon. Till then, have a great day and thanks to everyone who sent me their addresses so far! And if you haven't yet but would still like to get on the Christmas card mailing list, there's still time. Just email me at carissanicole {at}

Be back later,

image via oh, hello friend via Audrey Hepburn Complex


kirstyb said...

nearly the weekend yay x

Andhari said...

take your time :) Have a great weekend!