Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's go on a magic carpet ride*

Thanks everyone for all your lovely birthday wishes yesterday! Each one made me smile and brightened my day. You guys are the best!

And aside from work, my "ho-hum" birthday wasn’t all that bad. Around noon, my dad and brother picked me up for lunch. We went to the one place we can all agree on, a local Mexican restaurant, Don Cuco’s. I got my usual: a tamale, a la carte, with a cup of Albondigas soup and a side of sour cream. No strawberry margarita this time (I thought it was a little too early to be a lush) but we did end on a sweet and oh-so-naughty note with a dish of fried ice cream (seriously, who comes up with these things?). So no cake after all, but definitely some dessert. And calories don’t count on your birthday, right? Right.

After that it was back to work. But around 8:30 I decided to call it quits, give the fingers a break from the keyboard, and the boy and I went to see a late night movie. We saw “She’s Out of My League” and it was hilarious! I absolutely loved it. If you’ve ever wondered, what makes Carissa laugh? (not that you would wonder that, but if you did) this is it. It is hard to make me LOL—I’m not as easily tickled by the stupid, crude humor some of my friends find funny—but this movie made me tee-hee and guffaw more than once. (And the rest of the audience, all 10 people, laughed along with us!)

I loved the banter between the four best buddies... the dysfunctional family dinner scene... the chubby friend with the Disney movie references... the array of belted dresses worn by the hot-but-still-likable, never bitchy, leading lady (played by newcomer Alice Eve, who I just read will be in SATC 2!)... and, of course, who can't love the skinny-yet-adorable Jay Baruchel? Plus, even the soundtrack was good! So if you’re looking for a movie to see, I’d definitely recommend “She’s Out of My League.” I might even come along with you for a second viewing!

So tell me, how is your week going? And have you seen any good movies lately? (This one was the first I've seen since "Avatar"-- I obviously haven't been making it to the theater often!)


*Those who saw the movie will (hopefully) get this post's title. Gosh, I loved that guy!

Images via "She's Out of My League" official website


Katy Mary said...

I'm glad you bday was nice and fried ice cream is the best & calories definitely do not count on your birthday lol!! Glad to hear this movie was funny, I have never even seen a preview for it but I'm like you it takes A LOT to get me to laugh out loud. Slapstick stupid humor is not my style and I hate watching funny stuff with people because they keep asking me "why aren't you laughing?" haha.

Andhari said...

The movie lookslike a chick flick I'll definitely enjoy. Your birthday celebration sounds heavenly. MExican food and yummy desserts, my stomach is grumbling now :D

ps. how awesome is strawberry margarita?

Hope Chella said...

Hard boiled eggs are completely acceptable. Life is too short to deny yourself of the little pleasures and you're not getting any younger :) hahaha xx

Patty said...

Glad you had a good time! I've been trying to get to the theater to see "Alice" ever since it came out but I just can't find the time ;)

Phoenix said...

I haven't seen the movie yet but really, really want to. (and it's good to know what makes you laugh!)

Fried ice cream? YUM! Glad you had a good birthday, Carissa :)