Sunday, March 14, 2010

Out into the sunshine

It's Sunday night and I just want to take a quick moment to say thank you to all those who wrote such sweet words on my last post. You guys are incredibly kind and understanding, and your comments made me feel better... cared for... and, well, normal. So thank you. It's just nice to know you're not alone sometimes, you know?

Taking your advice-- and my own advice, really-- I got out into the sunshine this weekend. Out of the bubble that I sometimes create in my two-bedroom apartment and into the world. Today, the boy and I took a long, windy drive to Malibu. We definitely took the scenic route, that's for sure. The twists and turns stressed Hazel out but at least the views were lovely.

Once we got to the beachside town, we stopped for lunch at the Country Mart. We both got burgers at Mutt's Grill-- mine had rich, buttery avocado and thousand island dressing. Yum! As we ate we watched the people shopping in the boutiques and the parents and kids running around the playground. And Hazel was such a good girl, sitting on the bench beside me, patiently waiting for a nibble of my burger. We left soon after we ate; I would have liked to stay longer, but my skin was already starting to turn red!

On the way home, we stopped at the dog park in Thousand Oaks for the first time. A change of pace for us and the pooch (we always go to the Simi one). She loved it, of course. Wide open spaces + no leash + other doggies = fun time no matter what.

After a cat nap back home on the couch, we (with roommate in tow) headed out again around 8 o'clock to do something I have never done before with my boyfriend. For the first time ever, we went to-- wait for it-- the driving range! I know that doesn't sound that amazing until you remember that my boyfriend is a pro golfer and a former head pro at a local country club. Yep, that's right. And he had never taken me to the driving range that is five minutes from our house (actually, there's two, in both directions!).

For an hour we all had fun hitting the balls into the night sky. The boys obviously hit much better and farther than I, but I didn't do too bad. The trick, I learned, is concentrating but not over-thinking-- easier said than done. I also discovered that you shouldn't squeeze the club so dang tightly-- I walked away with red, sore hands! But I also walked away with a smile on my face.

And that was just Sunday! Saturday included another first: we went to The Huntington Library in San Marino. We checked out the art, strolled the gardens and I took 124 photos in two and a half hours! I'll share a handful of those pics in a day or two. Till then, I hope you had a fabulous weekend, too.

So, tell me, what did you do this weekend? Did you get "out into the sunshine?"


Heather Taylor said...

I'm so pleased you stopped in Thousand Oaks- I live there! It is such a quiet, pleasant place to be in.
I spent my weekend volunteering in LA at the Ronald McDonald House with some very cute kids, good tacos, and pretty hand-drawn murals. Then on Saturday, I went to 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica for an evening out with my friends. Adored Monsoon's and detested Yankee Doodle (the scene was sketch in there). Wonderful on to my homework!

Dionne said...

Ooooohhh I LOVE the Huntington Library. One of my favorites.

I just checked your last post. I am sorry that you were in a slump, hun! But 25 is nothing! I will be 30 at the end of the year! Yipes!

You have such a good head on your shoulders, I know you can do anything you set your mind to!

Katy Mary said...

Sounds like you had a beautiful weekend! It rained all weekend here so there was sadly no sunshine but it's coming soon. Can't wait to see all these pics you took!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

So glad you're feeling better and your weekend sounds truly fabulous!

You must get him to take you golfing! Eric and I spent A LOT of time golfing two summers ago and it was such a fun activity to do together!!

Mo said...

How I long to be able to day trip to somewhere like Malibu! Instead my options are somewhere around cold Lake Michigan - pretty, in the summer, but not at all worth it unless it's summer. Glad you got some sunshine, it feels so so good and I can't wait for some much needed vitamin D when I take off to Texas this week.

Shoshanah said...

Malibu is so pretty! As I'm sure you know since you went to school there. But I do think that just getting out and doing something, especially when its a pretty day can really change your mood

Phoenix said...

Girl, we must have been crossing paths all week. I went to the Huntington last week (for the first time!) and then had an audition in Malibu that gave me the best scenery I'd seen in months. I've been playing in the sunshine and taking your advice and not even knowing it! :)

Glad you are feeling better about things.

Andhari said...

Lookslike it's really sunny and nice there. I love going out when the weather's good like that :)