Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sport meets Fashion

It might be un-American to say this, but I'm not a big baseball fan. Sure, going to games can be fun because, well, there's beer and hot dogs involved. But I'm not one to tune in at home, unless forced by a remote-wielding boyfriend. I don't track the team stats or follow the players. Heck, I don't even know the names of most of the teams! (Today, I asked the boy what state the Royals are from. I was told to look at the score box on the screen. I saw KC and determined the answer: Kansas City.)

The worst part-- and this goes for any sport-- is the life-sucking fantasy leagues. Just the other day, the boy picked his fantasy baseball team. I asked what he was doing and all I could do was answer his reply with a sigh. Here we go again. Even as I type this, he is on the phone talking to who-knows-who about what else? Fantasy. And let's not forget to mention that there's a basketball game on TV right now.

Despite all this, sports is something I can get behind when cute fashion is involved. Enter Victoria's Secret's new line: the exclusive PINK Major League Baseball Collection, which is full of three-quarter sleeve shirts and booty shorts baring, oops, bearing the names of 11 of America's most popular baseball franchises.

Of course, the only two I would sport in the stands are these:

While she is a California girl too, because of her East Coast roots, my best friend would likely wear this:

Uh, oh, I smell a rivalry!

So sports fan or not, tell me, which team would you choose? And do you love Vickie's as much as I do?


P.S. You can see all the styles on PINK's facebook page.

P.P.S. I went to the gym last night! Woo hoo! That's two days in a row people. Two days in a row.


bianca said...

Chicago Cubs all the way!!! I'm a hardcore fan and I'm always looking for new gear - guess what I'm ordering lol. Thanks for sharing this!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

1. So proud of you for going to the gym 2 days in a row! Whooo!!!

2. The only sport I am a huge fan of is HOCKEY!!! Haha

Katy Mary said...

I would love the get the Yankees tee but my Fiance is from New England and by default a dirty Red Sox fan. I personally could care less about baseball and only claim to be a Yankees fan because I'm from NY and feel that my loyalties need to be there and also because my die-hard yankee fan sister would kill me :)

Shoshanah said...

Really most of the sports info that I have is only a result of what my boyfriend tells me. And while he watches college baseball (but really only LSU baseball), he's doesn't really follow Major League Baseball. But if I was choosing my favorite MLB team, like you I'd go with the hometown favorites and it would be either the Dodgers or Angels.

Phoenix said...

LOL re: Katy's comment above, because I was gonna say I'm a Red Sox fan - no dirty Yankees allowed!

If you think LA and NY have a rivalry...check out Boston and NY. It ain't pretty (but these shirts are!) ;)

Lauren K said...

Beer and hot dogs, the precise reasons I love attending baseballs games too!

Andhari said...

Victoria's Secret makes sports more interesting to me :D

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Well now, I might have to boycott Pink because they don't have my Mariners! :(