Friday, August 12, 2011

Lookie Lulu's

When I saw this top while browsing Lulu's new fall look book the other day, I instantly fell in love. It's light and flowy with ruffles and a unique print-- it just screams me!

Until I saw the price that is. $113!! Talk about sticker shock. I may spend too much money on clothes, but if I'm going to drop a C-note, I better be getting a couple items, not just one blouse! I don't even spend that much on jeans.

Despite this disappointment, the rest of the Crossing Sunset look book is definitely worth a flip. Here's a few of my fave ensembles (note: It looks like not everything is available online yet, but we can still look and drool, right?):

Love this boxy jacket with a flouncy skirt.

Aren't those oxfords adorable? (These are pretty cute too, and maybe more wearable.)

I'm kind of obsessed with WkShp's tees (I have this one and want this one) and this Rising Sun Grey Crop Top is pretty fabulous, especially with the Mink Pink Mozambique Print Maxi Skirt. So easy and breezy to throw on for a casual weekend running about town.

These fringe shorts are amazing! Not sure I could pull them off in real life, but I love them on the model all the same. I'm totally on board with the fringe trend and have eyed many a fringe purse. And I have a scarf that looks just like that feather-printed sheer vest.

Even though this is a fall look book, the photos still seem warm and sunshiney to me. And really, in Southern California, our summer seems to last until October so that's alright by me. :)


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Tam @ Yours Truly, Tam said...

I love the second looks with the jacket and skirt!

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