Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stones, beads and bangles, oh my!

Last post was about cute clothes, this one's about fabulous accessories.

Welcome to my world. I'm a perpetual Internet window shopper!

Even though summer is almost over, I couldn't help but show you these colorful, natural beauties from Ruche. And I have no doubt one could work these into a fall wardrobe, if one so desired. Let's keep that summer lovin' feeling all year long!

While I'd love to add any and all of these to my overflowing jewelry box-- especially the Stone Canyon Necklace-- I already purchased this necklace and this ring from Francesca's, my new favorite boutique. So I guess my accessories quota is filled. At least for the month. :)



Helen said...

I love all of these, especially that beautiful pinky coral necklace. Sigh! I'm so famished when it comes to accessories. Need to work on that!

jack said...

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