Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bullet time

Busy day. Well, busy week. But that's not really out of the ordinary. Still, it has lead me to not post earlier (technically it is Thursday but it still feels like Wednesday since it is just after midnight) and not read or comment on other blogs and that makes me a bit sad. I guess I really have been bitten by the blogging bug or else I wouldn't care.

Seeing as I do, here is a random post, a stream of consciousness if you will, in bullet form:
  • My emotions are all out of whack. It's that time of the month, as they say, and I nearly had a breakdown at work. I am cracking under the pressure this week and I could feel tears coming to my eyes. For no real reason really except that I could tell my editor was disappointed that I didn't have all my stories in before I came into the office to do layout and it was making him a bit stressed. See, recently my paper had to layoff 3 people and my editor took over one of our sister papers, which means he is putting out 2 papers instead of 1, which also means I have a bit more work to do. Long story short, it was not a good work day.
  • But it wasn't all bad. I did interview a really cool local pop artist who does some pretty amazing work-- and has a celeb clientele-- and he gave me a free print! So that was exciting.
  • However... I still have one more article to write. Boo. That's next after this post.
  • It was a sad turn of events tonight in Idol land. **SPOILER ALERT!** Last girl standing Allison Iraheta was voted off. Season 8 is officially now a boys club! I would have shed a tear if I hadn't done that already today. I can't really complain since I never actually call in or text my vote. Still, I almost don't want to watch the rest of the season now because Allison was my fave-- I always root for the girls-- but I will because Kris Allen is awfully cute, Danny Gokey has a sexy set of pipes and Adam Lambert, well, he's just too crazy not to watch.
  • I have a pile of laundry to do. Multiple piles to be exact. A mountain to be even more precise. Add to that an apartment that needs some major cleaning and reorganizing. Anyone want to help me? No, I didn't think so.
  • I love my Hazel. She makes me smile.
  • Remember my cravings from yesterday? Er, Tuesday? You know, Cinco de Mayo. Well, later that night I had the real thing at El Torito. Not that El Torito is muy authentico or anything but it was better than I thought it would be. And I got a free Tecate bead necklace. What's not to love about that? Here's some pics to prove it: 

Top to bottom: Me and my blended strawberry margarita (and Tecate necklace), some chips and salsa, a bowl of yummy tortilla soup with no cheese, a chicken tamale (again, no cheese) with a green-ish (tomatillo, maybe?) sauce that I didn't expect seeing as I usually am a red sauce kind of girl.

So there you have it. I am hoping tomorrow (really, today, I know you are all confused now) will be better and less busy and stressful but I kind of know it won't be. But my goal is to have a positive outlook, to take the stress in stride and look for the silver lining... the weekend is almost here!


Amber said...

Ugh! That sucks about work, deadlines are the devil!! I had a stressful night last night because of a freelance deadline and an internship deadline. I do work well under pressure, but it was still not fun!!

It is SO hard to keep up with the housework (ie. laundry) now that I'm working full-time. When I was in school I'd just do a random load in the middle of the day, and I had Friday's off so that was usually cleaning day! Not the case now and the laundry is piling up SO high!!

I hope your week gets better soon!! Cute pic :-)

Shoshanah said...

I was a little sad that Allison got voted out, but wits hard so few left now. At least this season all of them left are actually really good!

Andhari said...

The food looks so goood, i need to satisfy my craving of good mexicans too :D

I'm sorry about the moodswing, I seem to have it a lot this week toom I hope the upcoming week is more relaxing for you :)