Friday, May 29, 2009

In search of motivation

This post is kind of ironic given that my last post was about eating an insane amount of junk food, but here goes anyway...

Last week, I bought the DVD everyone in the blogosphere has been talking about.

The 30 Day Shred! After hearing positive (and positively scary) things about it on many of the blogs I read, I figured, what the heck, I should try it too. The promise of losing 20 pounds in 30 days also got me. I have a wedding to go to on July 25 and I want to look cute in my summer dress, which I have yet to buy. Not to mention the fact that the ex will be there, who I haven’t seen in over a year. But I digress…

So while I bought the DVD over a week ago, I have yet to put it into my DVD player. I did take it out of its plastic wrapping and open the case but that’s as far as I have gotten on my new weight loss journey. I have some excuses, most not very good.

The first is my tattoo. I got it done like the day after I bought the DVD and I literally could not walk right for the first 3 days. My foot is feeling better now, less swollen but I am still babying it (it is the peeling stage, yuck!) and I worry about putting on my tennis shoes. But I am sure I could do the workout sans shoes since I will be in my living room anyway. So the time limit on that excuse has definitely expired.

The more legitimate excuse is that I am unmotivated. I want to be healthy, lose weight, get fit, feel more confident, all of that. I really do. But do I want to work out? Do I want to sweat for it? Not really. That’s my problem. I’m lazy. I know that once I start I will probably find it easier to stick with than I think. I always hear people say that exercising gives them more energy and it just becomes part of their everyday routine—and something they don’t want to skip (even when they are getting their ass kicked by Jillian Michaels)! I can’t imagine feeling that way about exercise now because I absolutely hate working out. Especially running, because of my asthma (I sound like a geek now, huh?). But I know I just need to start. I just need to do it. Funny how starting something is sometimes the hardest part.

My other issue is that I bought this around the same time I bought the DVD.


Obviously, I need to make some adjustments in my eating habits if I want this working out thing to be successful. Now, in my defense, I had been very good for probably the last 6 months or so of not putting Nutella in my shopping cart. But I saw it last week while grocery shopping and caved to the creamy, hazelnut deliciousness.

But hey, it’s not like I eat a slice of Nutella-topped toast with my coffee in the morning. Oh wait, I did exactly that today. Oops! I feel like Nutella in moderation won’t kill me, but it will probably keep me from losing the chub. And who can really practice moderation when they have a jar of Nutella in their cabinet? What are you saying, inner voice? Throw the jar away? Hmmm, I just might have to.

The thing with me is that I don’t think I eat terribly—though the boy’s penchant for pizza, burgers and chicken strips does make healthy eating difficult around here. Still, I have Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice and Skinny Cow bars in the freezer to prove I'm trying. On the other hand, I also have tons of pasta in my pantry. What I really need to work on though is eating in moderation. If I am going to have a glass of wine, don’t devour the contents of the bread basket. Order a salad instead of pasta. Rediscover the joy of grilled chicken. And, no matter what I eat, don't stuff myself silly but instead, actually listen to my body when it says it is full. Yes, these are things I need to do.

So what do you do to get motivated to work out? And to stick to a healthy eating plan? Do you pin up photos of bikini-clad Victoria's Secret models as inspiration? Step on the scale every morning? Look to your friends for accountability?

Any advice is always much appreciated.

Oh, and the to-do list for this weekend?

  • Take back my free weights from my brother.
  • Put DVD in DVD player. And get shredded! 

Wish me luck! 

And happy weekend!

30 Day Shred image via

Nutella image via Miss Malini


Amber said...

Yayyy! I'm so glad you got that DVD, it is amazing, I just did level 3 this morning! And remember, it's ONLY 20-minutes.

I tried to do 30 days in a row and managed to do 17 days in a row before skipping last Saturday! Haha, but still it really is an amazing DVD and even if you don't do it EVERY day you will see results, I would start with three days a week if you haven't worked out in awhile because you will be sore the day after! I can see MAJOR changes in the muscle definition in my arms and shoulders from doing that DVD!!

I don't buy Nutella anymore either, it's much to good, that picture made my mouth water a little bit!

Good luck with the shred, I can't wait to hear what you think about it!!!

Amber said...

Oh and PS: I'm working on the portion-control thing this summer, but if you want to lose weight quickly I'd suggest signing up for BBG or even just getting a notebook and tracking everything you eat! It's really helpful when you want to lose a few pounds :-)

Sara Christine said...

You should read Michael Pollan's "In Defense Of Food." It will rock your world, and your diet. Loved everything about it.

Also, Jillian Michaels scares me to my mortal core. Haha. Let us know how it goes. :)

sarah said...

we're gonna need pics of your tat!

Andhari said...

Ah this makes me feel bad, I eat nutella with toast every morning. Oh how to stop?:(

Shoshanah said...

I agree with everything you've posted. Except for the fact I haven't actually gone out to buy 30 day shred yet. While I would like to get back down to the weight I maintained in college (while I was playing soccer of course), its not the easiest. Especially considering how big of a sweet tooth I have.

♥ fashion chalet said...

I follow this really great plan that is part-vegetarian and part I came up with it on my own. ;) Nice blog by the way.


♥ fashion chalet said...

I know what you mean about the risk of toppling over in super-high heels, but platforms and wedges are easier to walk in. I'm 5'6" so that pair makes me 5'10" lol but I can't help myself. :)

x, thanks!

Nino said...

I wanna lose weight, too! :) Guys have similar problems, you know :) Very good post. I enjoyed reading :P Maegan said...

omg I need to start working out again like NOW ...and I just don't want to...This may be the motivation I need too.

bethany said...

Oh, I just want to hug you (in a completely non-creep way). You just summed up my entire relationship with food and working out. Sigh... :)

My biggest move in the last 6 months has just been not allowing myself to keep cruddy preprepared/packaged food around my house (cereal, chips, cookies, ice cream etc). It sounds really easy, but it's harder than I thought. If I buy something once as a treat, I really do eat one serving and wasteful as it is...I throw the rest in the trash immediately. I joined the gym at the beginning of the year, too, but no kudos to me because I don't go regularly.

Please let us know how The Shred goes, I'm so intrigued! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love yours too! :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh girl...where do I start.

First of all, thank you sooo much for your comment about the ex situation, it means a lot that you shared your story too! God it's so annoying, right??
On that note, you will look fabulous at the wedding and he will regret whatever he did to loose such a gem.

I have an obsession with Nutella. I absolutely can't have it in my house. I eat it with a spoon, on toast, whatever.

I'm training with a psycho mr asia, but I just bought the shred too since everyone in blogland is talking about it! I figure it's only 20 minutes so why not...good for you for getting it. And unwrapping it! You'll get in the dvd player and I bet youll feel great after. Great as in sore, but that good sore. If you try it before me, let me know how it is! I haven't seen this many people excited about a workout dvd like ever.

Ok...I beat you in longest comment ever, but I'm with you on everything you wrote and you're fabulous. XO, Liz

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha, I totally have the same problems as you. Let me know how the DVD goes!

Siska said...

I loooooove nutella!

You Are My Fave said...

Getting into shape in the worst! I hear you with the Nutella. Jullian kicks my butt.