Friday, May 15, 2009

Loss & Gains

For the last week or so, I have been mourning the loss of something very dear to me: my favorite, very best looking, perfectly fitting jeans. That's right, ladies. My go-to jeans are no more. It happened sometime last week when I went to the restroom only to discover, to my horror and slight embarrassment, that my American Eagle jeans have a hole on the inner thigh, near the crotch area. Not good. And there is a hole forming on the other side as well. I guess I literally wore them out. They were good to me while they lasted.

The trouble since this discovery has been trying to make do without the jeans I wore practically every day. (Don't worry, I washed 'em often.) Sure, I have a few other jeans, but they are no where near as comfortable and flattering as this pair. To be honest, I even wore this compromised pair to a meeting earlier this week because all my clothes were in the laundry or still wet on the drying rack! I figured, just keep the legs crossed and no one will know. Ha! I mean, the hole isn't that big and it's in a place that is hard to see. Ok, I know, I need to just go buy a new pair. But it is so difficult to find jeans that look good and fit right. I know there are others out there who feel my pain and agree that is no easy task.

Which brings me to my next problem: American Eagle. That was my go-to brand for my go-to jeans. I knew what styles fit me, what size I wore, so I could just walk into a store, pick out some new jeans and be done. No trying on necessary. No dressing room drama. (I hate trying on clothes.) All that changed a while back when, for some unknown reason, American Eagle started cutting its jeans differently. Basically, I went up a size and still not much looks good or fits right. (Don't worry, AE! I still love your shirts, tanks and accessories!) So the issue becomes not just going out and buying new jeans but hunting down a store that carries the style/size/fit that is right for my body. Ugh, is all I can say.

On to the good news. Luckily, the weather has warmed up and I have gotten good use out of those Anthro dresses I bought. One of the dresses even allowed me to finally wear a pair of grey, slouchy Steve Madden boots that my mom bought me for Christmas. Yes, Christmas! My first time wearing those boots-- that I got five months ago and had coveted long before that-- was last Saturday. See, the thing is, I think the boots are just too cute to cover up with jeans, but I don't have any skinny jeans that can be easily tucked in. And until this coral halter top/graphic print Anthro dress, none of the dresses in my closet really worked with the Madden boots. What do you think? I like it.

Besides still being stoked about my cute/comfy/cheap dresses, I am pretty thrilled by some earrings I purchased last weekend while working the Street Fair. As I mentioned in Monday's post, I sat at a booth Saturday afternoon representing the paper at the annual street fair. As it happened, our booth was located right next to the booth of a local jewelry designer. Perfect. I probably spent two hours eyeing the merchandise before getting up, grabbing some cash and scooping up five pairs of earrings for just $20!

I'm not sure if the guy gave me a discount because we were booth buddies/neighbors, or if everyone got this deal, but he told me that if I bought four earrings (which were $5 each) he would give me the fifth free. Already planning on buying four, it was easy to take him up on his offer. I tried to pick out pieces that are different from what I already have in my jewelry box. Here's a peek at what I scored:

I have already worn the long purple ones and the blue/pearl ones. I wore the "fifth pair" today, and I have to say, these are the most different from anything I usually wear. I am not normally a hoop gal and I don't have anything in this turquoise color but I thought they looked summery and fun.

So while I may have lost my favorite pair of jeans-- and I am still considering patching the holes in an effort to hold on to them just a bit longer-- I am comforted by my latest purchases. Ah, don't you love retail therapy?

Oh, and suggestions on places that sell fabulous but affordable jeans are much welcomed and appreciated!


Andhari said...

You look fierce in that whole ensemble, the boots are really cute. I barely wear jeans but i think it's important to have that one perfect pair. I too have one. It's hard to find jeans that's comfortable and hug us tightly at the same time.

Shoshanah said...

Losing a pair of jeans is hard. I had a pair of Lucky jeans that I absolutely loved. Until the fabric on the butt all pretty much wore off. But I still can't bare to throw them away and they're in the corner of my bedroom.

Amber said...

OMG, I LOVE all your earrings!! I'm a big fan of big, dangly earrings!! That sucks about your fav jeans, have you thought of taking them to a tailor or seamstress to patch them up? My grandma is crafty like that and she's reinforced more than one of my pairs of jeans that have worn through in the crotch area.

I'm not sure if you have this store in the States but I get all my jeans at Warehouse One. They have super great jeans for reasonable prices and all of their jeans are stretchy material, which I really like!

Your mom has a great sense of style because those boots (and that whole ensemble) is super cute! I don't think my mom could pick out a cute pair of boots for me!!

sarah said...

but deconstructed is the thing! i'm sure you could still pull them off, no?!

Ashley said...

Ah, I'm sorry. My favorite pair of jeans died several months ago, and I still haven't found the perfect replacement. Love the earrings!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i had to throw away my fav pair of capri jeans today too. sad... : (

Maris said...

I love your pretty blue earrings!! I wish I lost my favorite jeans too, but sadly I'm not wearing them because they don't fit me right now!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh I love your earrings! And the boots! You're looking fab girl!

But I know what you mean about jeans UGH. I only wear one brand, one style and I never try them on. Jeans shopping is almost as bad as bathing suit, actually maybe worse. I wear True Religions, if that helps...XOXO

Love your blog! SO cute!

kirstyb said...

Oh I hate it when the go to jeans are no more! That happened to me last year! Sad day xoxoxox

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Those earrings are gorgeous! But as for the jeans, I highly recommend you patch or sew them. It can give you another few great months!

JJCoolL said...

I feel your pain on losing your AE jeans!! I have a pair of jeans from there that are absolutely the most comfortable jeans ever and I wear them atleast a few times a week and they now have holes in them and when I went back to buy more they no longer had them..atleast in my size. It was the saddest thing ever..

Anne @ The City Sage said...

I HATE when something you love wears out! I've had that happen to a couple pairs of shoes, and there are only so many times you can resole them!

But I LOVE that dress with those boots, and the earrings are such a steal!

As for a replacement pair, one of my fave websites has some awesome denim deals right now--even on sale they're a little pricier than AE jeans, but the fit on some of them (esp. paige denim 'hidden hills' fit) is worth the bit of extra money!

Anne @ The City Sage said...

Oops, here's the link!

Neira said...

love the turquoise earrings!