Monday, May 11, 2009

Wishing the weekend was still here...

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!

This is my mom, last year on her birthday. I gave her one of those Edible Arrangements and we had to take a pic before we devoured it!

Saturday I had to work, kind of, by representing the paper at a street fair here in town. It was a pretty good time I must say because for five hours I just sat at a booth while people came up to tell us how much they love the paper! Not bad, right? Though I was afraid of the sun burning my shoulders and arms since I was wearing one of my new, summery Anthropologie dresses, I did get out from under our tent for a bit to actually walk the fair, picking up a shave ice on my way (though it was more like snow cone, but still cold and sweet and yummy) and a free pen (I never say no when a man offers me a free pen!).

This is me and my mom at the wedding of a close family friend last June.

On Sunday I slept in (nice!) and then called my momma to wish her a Happy Mom's Day. I then had to clean up our messy apartment because the boy's family wanted to come by. They had never seen the place and we didn't want them to see the pig sty we had created as of late so I went to work clearing the table, picking up clothes off the floor and trying to hide some of my makeup-- that is usually just out on the bathroom counter-- in the cabinets.

Finally, I got ready and met my fam for a late lunch of burgers and fries at Red Robin. Pretty unhealthy but definitely delicious. 

Love the freckled lemonade and the natural burger (not pictured)!

At lunch I gave my mom her gift, which I think she was pretty happy about: a 80-minute "ultimate" spa pedicure at Coldwater Creek The Spa. Plus, I added a paraffin wax hand and foot treatment. My dad and I went in on the gift together so that we could get her something really nice. She had asked for a spa pedicure for Christmas and didn't get it so I thought, what better time than summer to finally get what she asked for? 

Looks pretty nice, huh?

I need a pedicure myself and haven't had one in ages and I was thisclose to buying one for rough-around-the-edges footsies when I got her gift card. I simply can't stand painting my own toe nails and would much rather pay someone to do it-- and to do it nicely and cleanly too, without getting polish all over! So I am thinking I will actually splurge and get a pedi since I will be living in sandals the next few months. But I'll probably get the "cheap" (not "ultimate"), $30 one. That's good enough for me.

So that's the run down of my weekend. Oh, well, I forgot to mention, I started to make progress last night on the mountain of laundry I was telling you about, but I fell asleep! I still have my whites in the wash. Ick. Gotta go finish that today...

How was your weekend/ Mom's Day?

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Amber said...

Looks wonderful! You and your mom are so cute. I need a pedicure SO bad. When we were in Vancouver last weekend I walked past a shop advertising mani/pedis for $38!!! I'm still kicking myself for not getting one!!

I didn't get to see my mom this Mother's Day but I had flowers delivered to her and my grandma on Friday!

A Red Robin just opened in Kamloops and I'm dying to go there and get a big yummy burger :-)