Saturday, May 2, 2009


Hazel turned 1 year old today! To celebrate, we went to the dog park (where she was a hit with the boy dogs, as usual. She's a hot commodity, what can I say?), then a quick stop at Petsmart to pick up some food and new toys, and then back home for a big "filet mignon" dinner topped with a swirl of Puppy Kong Stuff'n itit was kind of like a doggie dinner cupcake. Ha!

Like any proud momma, I took a million pictures today, but here are my fave photos from Hazel's big day. (She may look a bit different to youI took her to the groomer yesterday so she would be pretty for her birthday, but she had so many mats on her belly that they had to shave her. But she is still adorables, yes?)

Rockin' a b-day tee: "It's my birthday. Let's Pawty!"

Getting chased at the dog park and loving it! She loves being the center of attention, can you tell?

Playing around with Bentley, a Brussel Griffon who met Hazel at the opening of the dog park in March.


Eyeing dinner. She usually only gets hard food so this was a special treat.

I may have overdone it with the Kong Stuff'n, you think? Yeah, I had to clean her dirty mug afterwards.


P.S. If you missed it, check out this post I wrote for Amber a while back about what Hazel has taught me. Since it is Hazel's day and all.


Shoshanah said...

I love the birthday shirt!

Amber said...

Omg, I love these pictures! Especially the one of her licking her chops!! Hahahaha, soo funny!!

Happy Birthday, Hazel!!!!!!!

Maris said...

Love the t-shirt! I hope the birthday girl had a nice day, I'm sure it was everything she could have ever wanted :) Cute pictures!!