Monday, May 4, 2009

I heart Anthro

I was strolling through the mall Saturday afternoon, looking for a Mother's Day gift (which I won't print here since my mom reads this blog. Hi mom!), when I came upon Anthropologie. Usually I just pass by this store because even though I love its adorable clothes and home wares, I simply can't afford them. After a short pause at the store window I took a step forward. And then back. I'll just take a quick look around, right? Wrong. I became enamored by what I saw and made about 3 leisurely laps around the store. To be honest, I'm not sure how long I was in there, but soon I was contemplating buying a too-cute-for-words, hibiscus flower salt-and-pepper shaker set. I loved so many things but I knew I couldn't get it all, so just to appease my shopping appetite I told myself I would buy one little thing. A birdwatcher dessert plate, maybe? A pair of sea glass goblets? Perhaps a fruit stand apron for those rare times I bake?A book on decorating by Domino magazine, perfect for the coffee table? Or maybe the cute floral notebook at the front of the store.

I was about to settle on something when I discovered a rack of $30 dresses. I couldn't believe my eyes. Anthropologie summer dresses for a mere $30?! I quickly took stock of the rack and picked out every cute, airy dress in my size that I could find. I hustled to the dressing rooms to try on my discoveries. I came out with three winners.

Even though I hadn't meant to spend any money upon entering the store, I simply couldn't pass up such a great deal. I had been wanting some new warm weather dresses that I could just slip on in the morning with little thought or effort and these fit the bill. I was very happy with my purchase and immediately texted the boy to let him know about my little shopping escapade. Luckily, he thought I did good, too.

I also picked up a big coffee (or hot chocolate!) mug and a book that I heard about (and sounded good on the back cover) from Erin over at Reading my tea leaves. I know, I know. Once you get me started, I just can't stop. But the mug was only $10 and the book was $14. Not too bad, I think.

I wore the butterfly dress last night out to dinner and a movie with the boy and I love it. It has the 3 Cs: cute, comfy and cheap! How can you not be happy about a dress like that? 

This is what happens when you try to take a picture inside but your camera is set on night vision.


So again I say it, I heart Anthro. And I will now forever keep my eyes peeled for more $30 dress racks!

Have you come across any too-good-to-pass-up fashion deals lately? Spill here!


Amber said...

Agreed. Those dresses were definitely way to good to pass up! You look great too, I have been on the lookout for some cute, cheap summer dresses also so I would have done the same thing!

Shoshanah said...

I try to avoid Anthropologie too. Not because I don't like it, but because I can't afford it. Of course I never then have found those dresses.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome. Those dresses are so cute!!! But I think they are
officially loungewear/chemise. If you look on the website under loungewear you will find one cuter than the next. I found the greatest coverup and it is now one of my favorite dresses, ever!!! Ingenuity is the mother of Cute, Comfy and Cheap!! Love it. Thanks.