Friday, April 10, 2009

Candy, cupcakes and church, oh my!

Don't these Corgis make adorable bunnies? Maybe I should get Hazel some ears!

TGIF, I am so glad the weekend is here! In honor of a lazy Friday afternoon, I give you my plans for Easter in bullets:

  • For Easter Sunday, I am going to be hanging with the boy and his family in Woodland Hills. I am anticipating watching a lot of sports on TV, eating some yummy food (they always have a nice spread and gourmet desserts) and drinking a lot of wine (it's the first thing his mom says to me when I come in the door: "What would you like to drink? A glass of wine?" I think she likes to get me tipsy).
  • Getting sick on chocolate eggs, jelly beans, Robins Eggs malt balls and Peeps. Even though I am 24, my mom still makes me an Easter basket every year. She even made RR one last year! While I have chided her in the past for doing this-- saying "Gosh mom, I'm not a kid anymore"-- I secretly hope she doesn't stop! Though if the "Easter Bunny" leaves me one this year (yes, my mom still pretends), I will try to be more careful with it. Last year's melted in the car!
  • Trying out this recipe for Magnolia's Vanilla Cupcakes, which also means going grocery shopping for things like muffin tins, cupcake liners and sprinkles! I think it would be a nice treat to bring when I visit the bf's fam and I'm gonna save some for my own fam to try, too. Emily's post today over at Cupcakes and Cashmere is what inspired me. I hope mine turn out as good as this picture:

  • I might also try to make it to church this weekend, being that it is Easter after all. Almost forgot this holiday isn't just about chocolate and cupcakes.

So, any fun plans this weekend? I wish I was still a little girl so I could dress up in a taffeta gown and go on an Easter egg hunt. Ah, the good ol' days. Hoping you have a fabulous time, whatever you do!

Corgis as Bunnies from here.
Magnolia cupcakes image from here.


insomniaclolita said...

AHHH i want chocolate eggs and cupcakes too.

But I cant make anything so I'm going to the store LOL

Anonymous said...

omg, those dogs are adorable!

Amber said...

"I secretly hope she doesn't stop"--HAHAHAHA! That's so cute. Happy Easter :-)

Anonymous said...

lol! dressing up in a taffeta gown and going on an Easter egg hunt! that indeed would be lovely. easter kind of brings out the inner child in me.
I hope your cupcakes turn out great, so everyone at your church can have a nice treat~

Enep said...

they're really cute!


Lauren K said...

Oh wow! More cupcakes! Now I'm craving some :)