Monday, April 13, 2009

Taste the rainbow

My Easter pretty much went as I predicted on Friday, with lots of candy and cupcakes. But I did make it to church, too!

Sunday morning started off in a tizzy, since I woke up late and still had to make cupcakes! I wanted to bake them the day of so they would be fresh but this was perhaps not my best laid plan (that's a little Easter joke in there). I was a bit stressed, to say the least, and the powdered sugar was flying! (Note to self: get an apron!) The boy warned me against this and I now have to admit, he was right. Hate when that happens! But it all worked out and I got them done.

Me and the boy then had breakfast with my folks at a local diner called the Firehouse Cafe. It was my first time there but it's actually a local institution in Simi. I had the eggs benedict and they were pretty tasty. Good food, good service, I'll definitely be going back for breakfast again. After we grubbed, the bf and I went to church, something we haven't done since Christmas (I know, tisk tisk). We then rushed home, made the icing, decorated the cupcakes and geared up to go to his parents' house.

It seemed RR's whole fam was there and it was definitely a packed house (a dozen in all, not counting us!) Luckily, my cupcakes were a hit. People even took some home. I was relieved because the icing turned out not quite as thick as I was hoping but I guess all the matters is the yummy-factor. And they were delish-- I should know, I've had 3 so far!-- so if you haven't tried the recipe, it's a definite do. 

Here's some close ups of my colorful cupcakes:

In a pinch, muffin tins make great travel containers!

Those are Easter baskets in the background for me and Rick, from my mom of course!

Bright and cheery.

I hope you all had a great Easter, if you celebrate the day. Tell me, what did you do?


Shoshanah said...

I would love to eat one of those! I love the bright frosting, and how each one has a different type of sprinkles! Yum!

♥ Tiffany ♥ said...

LOVE those cupcakes. totally going to try and make them!!! how adorable are you?? you look pretty!! i also love that hazel is spoiled like bella.

Amber said...

OK, those pictures are seriously making me drool all over my computer! I LOVE cupcakes!! Sounds like you had a really great Easter :-) I just had a BIG easter dinner and stuffed my face with chocolate :-)

insomniaclolita said...

Those look good, don't you just love it when you make something for people and they keep coming back for it? Nice :)

Lauren K said...

Oh wow, I love cupcakes! These look delicious!

Mandy said...

I love baking and those cupcakes look delicious!

Sara Christine said...

Your cupcakes are gorgeous! I want to eat my screen! Glad you had a Happy Easter. :)