Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A day for tomfoolery

Happy April Fools' Day! Anyone pull any pranks? I'm not much of a trickster, I'm not so good at pulling the wool over someone's eyes, but in my younger days I tried. I remember one year I filled a glass with cotton balls and water and tried to pass it off to my thirsty dad as milk. It worked, for about 1 second. Then he got wise to my evil scheme. Hoodwinking is hard!

Anyway, hope you are enjoying the first of the month! Doesn't it seem like time is just flying by? I can't believe it is April... pretty soon summer will be here!

For your April Fools' reading pleasure, check out this interesting CNN story I read today about how the media likes to pull a fast one on its readers with spoof stories, as well as a few other hoaxes that were tried this year.

And now, I leave you with a April Fools' rhyme:
The maple syrup's full of ants,
A mouse is creeping on the shelf.
Is that a spider on your back?
I ate the whole pie by myself.
The kitchen sink just overflowed.
A flash flood washed away the school.
I threw your blanket in the trash.
I never lie--I--
~Myra Cohn Livingston

1970s Peanuts Cartoon via Museum of Hoaxes

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Amber said...

Our student paper did a spoof issue this week! I wrote an article about a homemaking degree coming to our university, that is the extent of my april fool's jokes. Haha