Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A first

I just visited Etsy a moment ago and an amazing thing happened. I liked every single handpicked item on the front page! What a lovely first. See for yourself:

1. Lovely Creamy Pink Rose earrings from dangsworld
2. Tender Winter print by Asil Art
3. Pink and Butter Cream Minky pillow case from Baby Jayne's
4. Zipper purse- Evelyn by Candy Argyle
5. Hummingbirds Love earrings from Nansglam
6. Pink/plum porcelain tim bowl by lizkinder
7. Sundance print from Studio Lyon
8. Cream Soda earrings by hollygems
9. Tiny Pink Dotted Bowl from MarymeeStudio
11. Flight of Fancy necklace from Amy Hatch (Ruby Rose)
12. Strawberries and Cream earrings by Simply Different Jewelry

I'm not usually that into pink, but I am loving all of these. Which one is your fave?

"Strawberries and Cream" items picked by shixie

note: the photos didn't post in rows like I wanted, so I hope you can figure out which number goes with which picture... sorry!


Amber said...

Everytime I visit the Etsy page I'm amazed at the cute stuff on there! I love all the things you picked out, that light pink is SO pretty!

insomniaclolita said...

I love the earrings :)