Friday, April 3, 2009

Travel Envy

I saw this adorable travel book on Made Sweet yesterday (I first spotted it on You are my fave) and it made me totally jealous! Partly because Made Sweet's Michelle must have the coolest/nicest friend in the world to have made her the book just for her trip to New York. The homemade scrapbook-style notebook contained suggestions for what to do in the Big Apple once she got there and even pockets full of cash to do it!

But the main reason behind my envy is I am just simply dying to go to New York. I have never been and I would do anything to go and live out my Sex and the City/ Friends fantasies.

See the whole book here. Click here to see more green-eyed-monster-inducing photos from her NYC trip.

So have any of you been to NYC? How was your experience? Is it as fabulous as the movies and TV make it out to be? What is your favorite thing to do there?

Or, do you dream of going to another city? Which one and why?

I will take all this advice and store it in my "travel book"-- my brain-- for when I finally board that plane to anywhere-but-here land.


Amber said...

That is SUCH a cool idea!! I love it.

I would LOVE to go to NYC!!! I'm also a big SATC and Friends fan!

insomniaclolita said...

I've been. My dad's company has several affiliations there so most times I've been there are for business trips with him but I always squeeze in fun times as well. Is it any fabulous as the movie makes it to be? I guess only around Manhattan area. I visited museums, shopped my heart out, went partying and catching up with friends who live there. Basically that. I always look forward for the trips there.

The city that I really wanna visit now is Tokyo. I really wanna see what's the fuss all about. I heard it's crazy there too.

Shoshanah said...

I've been to New York a few times, but I'm not a big fan. Maybe becuase the building are too tall for me... I'm not sure.

@insomniaclolita I have also been to Toyko, and loved it! Just as crazy as it seems!


I heart NYC...would love to go to Tokyo again...both cities are buzzing with visual delights!