Thursday, April 23, 2009

Let our powers combine

I’m back! From outer space! *singing Gloria Gaynor in head* Ok, no, not really outer space. But I have been MIA the last few days and for that I apologize. It has been a C-R-A-Z-Y workweek, with not much sleep last night. The stress has been palpable and I am starting to see it on my face by way of blemishes. So not fun. But, I am so glad it is Thursday because the rest of the week is all downhill from here and soon it will be the weekend!

I feel a little guilty though for not posting on Earth Day, which was yesterday for any of you who might be living under a rock. I kid, I kid. I really only knew it was coming because my planner says so. Anyway, I had this whole idea of posting about green living and what we can do to be more eco-friendly but then I realized today, I’m glad I missed Earth Day. Because writing a post like that would make me the biggest hypocrite on earth! That is a slight exaggeration, but what I mean is that writing about how we can do our part to save the planet doesn’t mean much if the person who is writing about it doesn’t even practice what she preaches.

"Captain Planet, he's our hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero." 
You know you love it.

I wouldn’t say I have a Big Foot-sized carbon footprint, but I am sure it's not that small, either. I'm no Captain Planet. I go through probably 2 or 3 writer’s notebooks a week—and I don’t write on the backside of pages unless I am forced (i.e., when I run out of paper mid-interview). We buy paper plates, plastic cups and, until recently, bottled water. We have now switched to buying plastic jugs of water, which probably use less plastic but still. Living in an apartment has caused us to slack on recycling. I constantly forget to turn off lights when I leave the room, or the house. Whenever I am brushing my teeth I let the faucet run until I remember the conservation stories I have written on the fact that California is in a serious drought and that I am wasting 3 gallons of precious water a day by letting the tap run as I brush (thanks for that factoid). Oh, and I regularly take 20-minute showers.

So see what I mean? I can’t write about being green. But, I don’t want to sound like a cop out. Every day is a new day and I can try to make better choices in the future. Do my little part to save the planet. Make the Captain proud.

Tell me, what do you do to try to live in a more environmentally conscious way? I will add your tips to my “eco-do list.” And does Earth Day make you feel guilty, too? If so, watch out. National Arbor Day is tomorrow. Better go plant a tree! Or buy this cute, reusable tote and the dirty work is done for you (meaning, for each purchase, one native tree is planted in an ecosystem restoration project in the United States). Me likey.

For $12.95, this "pod" is in the bag. 

(In honor of Earth Day, get 20% off until the end of the month. Just enter EarthMonth09 at checkout.)


Stay tuned…

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Forest print via Bee's Knees Studio's Etsy shop

Captain Planet image from here.

Reusable purse from BeGreenNow.


Shoshanah said...

Since I grew up in California I try not use a lot of water. But living in Louisiana its a little different. The boy we defrost meat but putting it in the sink turning the water on and just leaving it there. I freaked out the first time I saw this, but its almost the opposite problem here. With too much water, and noway really to get it anywhere that needs it

Amber said...

We use reusable grocery bags when we go shopping, recycle paper, bottles and cardboard and try to keep the heat/ac turned as low as possible! Oh and turn off lights when leaving a room. I wouldn't say I'm the most environmentally friendly person ever, but I do try!!

I've always been a short shower kind of person. I'm in and out in 10 minutes top!

Sara Christine said...

Oh my Lord, Captain Planet. THAT takes me BACK. Hahaha amazing.