Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poor lil pooch

On Tuesday night, me and the boy decided at, oh, around 9 o'clock, to take Hazel for a walk. She had been cooped up all day watching me write articles and call sources, so once "daddy" got home she was game for a stroll.

After walking around the apartment complex for about 15 minutes we came home. It was weird though because Hazel really didn't want to stop. She kept pulling on the leash and running back down the stairs to keep going. Usually she is pretty good and will follow us up the stairs and in the house when we say it's time to go home. But not that night.

Anyway, we finally got inside and RR starts cleaning Hazel's dirty, wet paws when he sees blood on the floor! He turns over her back right paw and there is blood everywhere. I thought I was going to have a heart attack! Turns out, she had sliced open one of the pads of her toes. Don't ask me how. Strange thing was, she wasn't even whimpering or limping! Like I said, she had kept wanting to go for her walk! Crazy girl.

I wanted to take her to the emergency vet clinic but by the time we had called a couple different places-- one clinic had a 2 hour wait, can you believe that?-- and got ready to go, the bleeding had stopped. So RR McGuyvered a bandage out of paper towels and Band-Aids and we decided to just take her to our regular vet in the morning. Hazel is such a trooper, she didn't even complain.

Hazel was at the vet for 4 hours yesterday, getting sutures to close the wound-- the gash was pretty deep-- and a bright blue bandage. When she came home she was so out of it and sleepy. All she wanted to do was cuddle. My little sweetheart.


Amber said...

Oh no!!!! Poor little Hazel!! I'm glad she's OK!

insomniaclolita said...

Awwww she's sooo strong. Poor her. But I'm glad she's better.